Bleeding Edge is new game from Hellblade developer Ninja Theory

The latest E3 leak is for a new multiplayer game from the makers of DmC, which looks like a cross between Overwatch and Anarchy Reigns.

Microsoft used to be terrible at keeping secrets, but they’ve got a lot better in recent years and they almost made it to E3 without any of their new games leaking out properly… almost.

Although there have been no actual leaks until now there have been plenty of rumours about what the Xbox line-up will be (you can find a summary of them here), including a new multiplayer game from newly-acquired British developer Ninja Theory.

There was never much detail to the rumour, but as you can see in the leaked video below it’s some kind of 4 vs. 4 ‘combat melee’ game called Bleeding Edge.

Outside of dedicated one-on-one fighters, melee combat is rare in modern online games, with PlatinumGames’ good-but-unsuccessful Anarchy Reigns being one of the few exceptions.

It’s hard to see why given the footage of Bleeding Edge, which appears to mix over-the-top Overwatch style characters with purposefully unrealistic moves and abilities.

Given how far along it seems to be Ninja Theory must’ve been working on the game before Microsoft bought them, but it’s still likely it will be an Xbox (and PC) exclusive now.

The trailer ends with news that a technical alpha will start on 27 June, so you can be certain to hear more about that at Microsoft’s pre-E3 media briefing on Sunday, 9 June at 9pm BST.

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