Bloodborne: How To Complete Iosefka’s Questline & Enter The Clinic

Iosefka’s Clinic is where Hunters begin their Bloodborne journey, but it’s not long before they’re on their way and leave the safe house behind them. Not too long after defeating Father Gascoigne (the first mandatory boss in Bloodborne,) Hunters can return to the sickroom where they begin their journey to speak with Iosefka. While she’ll only speak to players behind closed doors, Iosefka promises that her clinic is a safe house – one Hunters are encouraged to send survivors to.

Bloodborne also features another safe house in Oedon Chapel, a rundown place of worship that’s right in the middle of Yharnam’s worst monsters. While all logic would dictate that Iosefka’s Clinic would be the safest place to send NPCs in Bloodborne, there’s more to her than meets the eye. Iosefka will never let Hunters into the clinic herself, and by the time Bloodborne unlocks the shortcut inside, it’s too late to undo any of her horrors.

Unlock The Clinic As A Safe House

Iosefka’s Clinic won’t be available as a safe house early in the game, lending the impression that Yharnam is a dying city where any semblance of safety has been bled dry by a culture of hunting. After making it through the early game and changing the time of day, Iosefka will talk to Hunters from across her clinic door, offering them Blood Vials. After finding Cathedral Ward, however, Iosefka will inform the player that they can (and should) send survivors her way.

Unfortunately, “Iosefka” is actually an imposter who wants nothing more than to experiment on anyone Hunters send her way. When finally entering the clinic after sending NPCs Iosefka’ away, any former survivors will have been gruesomely transformed into Celestial Mobs. Each Celestial Mob drops their NPCs corresponding loot, allowing players to identify all the survivors they inadvertently doomed.

Lonely Old Woman

A jaded old woman who’s long since lost all faith in the hunt and the hunters who paint Yharnam red, the Lonely Old Woman will be extremely hostile when players first talk to her. Located in a house by Central Yharnam’s sewers (and guarded by Infected Hounds,) the Lonely Old Woman can be found rather easily. Once gaining access to Iosefka’s Clinic, talk to her and point her towards the clinic’s direction.

Iosefka will give players 2 Numbing Mist and 1 Insight for sending the Lonely Old Woman her way. After entering the clinic, the Lonely Old Woman’s Celestial Mob can be found by the medicine rack in the back room. The Lonely Old Woman will drop a Sedative if killed, referencing her Oedon Chapel questline where she offers Hunters Sedatives upon being saved.

Arianna & Skeptical Man

Arianna and the Skeptical Man can both be found in lower Cathedral Ward, living at a dead end that’s been long abandoned to the hunt. Arianna can only be sent to Iosefka’s Clinic once either three bosses have been defeated or at least one boss from Cathedral Ward, Old Yharnam, Hemwick Charnel Lane, and The Unseen Village has been killed. Like with the Lonely Old Woman, Iosefka will reward players with 2 Numbing Mist and 1 Insight.

The Skeptical Man lives right across from Arianna’s house and can only be sent to a safe house after she’s been sent somewhere. As a skeptic, the Skeptical Man will not trust you and will always go to the opposite location players suggest. To get him inside Iosefka’s Clinic, the Skeptical Man must be directed towards Oedon Chapel.

Inside of Iosefka’s Clinic, Arianna will harmless wander the halls as a Celestial Emissary. She won’t attack players unless provoked, dropping Arianna’s Shoes. Once transformed, the Skeptical Man will likewise be passive, dropping 3 Pungent Blood Cocktails when killed.


Sister Adella was kidnapped by Snatchers and can only be found in the Hypogean Gaol. She can also only be sent to a safe house if Adella trusts the player, which can only be done by equipping a set of armor that represents the Healing Church (Adella’s chosen faction.) The White Church Set, Black Church Set, Gascoigne’s Set, Choir Set, Tomb Prospector Set, and Executioner Garb all get the job done. Adella can be spoken to directly to the right of the player’s cell in the Gaol.

Once Adella has been pointed towards Iosefka’s Clinic, she can be found transformed in the central hallway, using what little sanity she has left to pray like she once did as a Sister. Adella drops the Oedon Writhe Rune when killed, allowing players to replenish Silver Bullets through Visceral Attacks. As is the case with other survivors, Iosefka will reward 2 Numbing Mist and 1 Insight for her newest guinea pig.

Suspicious Beggar

The Suspicious Beggar is Bloodborne’s answer to Yurt, the NPC from Demon’s Souls who slowly picked off survivors in the Nexus if left alive. Should players send the Suspicious Beggar to Oedon Chapel, he’ll slowly pick off all the NPCs there until he’s the last one alive. If nothing else, he’s nice enough to leave any loot behind for players to pick up.

The Suspicious Beggar will be found when just casually playing through the Forbidden Woods. Instead of sending him to Oedon, pointed him towards Iosefka’s Clinic. Where the Suspicious Beggar kills to his heart’s content in the former, he becomes a shell of himself in the Clinic. The Suspicious Beggar can be found hunched over in a corner, dropping a Beast Rune when killed.

Forbidden Woods Shortcut

Directly from the Forbidden Woods Lantern, walk over the bridge to the right and follow the path to the bonfire pit. Hook left down a hill filled with white flowers up ahead and continue to follow the path until reaching a house filled with caged dogs. Behind the house is a cave that leads to a swamp which connects directly to Iosefka’s Clinic.

Run through the swamp (killing the Giants if you so choose) until reaching a ladder that leads right back up to Yharnam. Once at the top, players will find themselves on the Clinic rooftops where they can now sneak in through Iosefka’s back door. If visiting before killing Rom, Iosefka will aggro and try to attack Hunters if they enter the Clinic. To avoid fighting her and complete her questline, don’t visit the Clinic’s back door until after killing Rom.

Take Her Umbilical Cord

With Rom dead, the Blood Moon sets and Yharnam changes for the worse. It’s not all bad, though. With the Blood Moon high in the sky, Iosefka will go into labor at her clinic. Hunched over in pain on a gurney, Iosefka can do nothing as Hunters invade her prison. If killed, Iosefka will drop One Third of an Umbilical Cord which can be used to see Bloodborne’s true ending and fight the game’s true final boss – the Moon Presence.

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