Bugsnax: How To Find And Catch All Bugsnax In Frosted Peak

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If you're pining for a wintery trip, you could probably do better than Frosted Peak. That is, unless you're stuck on Snaktooth Island in Bugsnax and you haven't got any other choices. This freezing mountain is home to a choice few Bugsnax, most of them tooth-meltingly sweet.

Frosted Peak is also where you'll take some pretty important story-centric actions, but don't let that distract you from the crop of Bugsnax here, including a Legendary birthday cake! Here's how to catch them all.

Every Bugsnax In Frosted Peak

There are a whopping 14 Bugsnax to find in Frosted Peak, along with two that can only be found through Snorpy's sidequests.

Name Appearance Behavior Traits
Chippie Loves chocolate and peanut butter Evasive, Sweet
Chillynilly Loves chocolate, is only active between 4:00 PM and 4:00 AM Flying, Frosty, Sweet
Flutterjam Loves peanut butter, is only active between 4:00 AM and 4:00 PM Flying, Sweet
Mt Sodie Hates chocolate, hot sauce, peanut butter, and fire Green, Sweet
Stewdler Loves hot sauce Aggressive, Meaty, Red, Spicy
Aggroll Loves hot sauce Aggressive
Banopper Loves chocolate and peanut butter Evasive, Fruity
Scoopy Loves chocolate, hates Stewdlers, fears Scoopy Banoopies Aggressive, Burrowing, Frosty, Sweet
Cheery Loves chocolate Fruity, Red
Scoopy Banoopy Loves chocolate Aggressive, Breakable, Frosty, Fruity, Sweet
Instabug Loves the Snaxscope Sweet
Melty Snakpod Sweet
Baby Cakelegs Sweet, Frosty
Daddy Cakelegs Aggressive, Breakable, Frosty, Sweet

How To Catch Every Bugsnax In Frosted Peak

You'll need to use the following tools to catch the frosty sweetness of Frosted Peak:

  • Sauce Slinger
    • You can find peanut butter in the area, but chocolate needs to be grabbed from elsewhere.
  • Trip Shot
  • Snakgrappler
  • Name Appearance Location How To Catch
    Chippie You can find a Chippie by heading to the cave halfway up the mountain, it will pass through on its route. Use the Trip Shot to stun the Chippie on its route around the mountain.
    Chillynilly There is a Chillynilly near the campfire to the right of the area's entrance, and another one that lives in the cave halfway up the mountain. You can easily catch a Chillynilly by knocking it out of the sky with a Trip Shot that is on fire. This will thaw it and stun it at the same time, letting you pick it up with the Bug Net.
    Flutterjam These can be found flying around the very top of the mountain in the day. Shoot a Flutterjam with peanut butter and it'll instantly fall to the ground, stunned. Just leap down and pick it up with the Bug Net.
    Mt Sodie There's a single Mt Sodie swimming around the pond near the entrance. The pond in Frosted Peak will freeze any tools put inside it, so you should lure the Mt Sodie out with a trail of sauce. Lure it into your trap like this, but be aware of the Sodie's very long range – it'll take a long trail of sauce.
    Stewdler You can find a Stewdler in each cavern in Frosted Peak. You can lure a Scoopy inside the lower cavern – it will put the Stewdler out with impunity, letting you pick it up. You can do something similar in the top cavern by covering the Stewdler in chocolate, making the Chillynilly put it out.
    Aggroll There is a frozen Aggroll in the bottom cavern. To release it, use the Trip Shot on the brazier and melt the block of ice. Remove the Aggroll's box with the Snakgrappler and you'll be able to catch it normally.
    Banopper Two Banoppers are released after breaking apart a Scoopy Banoopy. Once released, they'll leap between the trees in the area. You need to use the Trip Shot to knock a Banopper out of the sky. It can take a while, as the trees they choose to leap towards are random and you can't see their flight path by scanning them.
    Scoopy A Scoopy is released after breaking apart a Scoopy Banoopy. It will usually patrol around the entrance to the bottom cavern. You can use a flaming Trip Shot to stun and thaw a Scoopy simultaneously, or lure it into the cavern to let a Stewdler take care of it. Once stunned and thawed, you can get it with the Bug Net.
    Cheery A Cheery is released after breaking apart a Scoopy Banoopy. You can catch a Cheery easily with a Snak Trap placed in its path.
    Scoopy Banoopy A Scoopy Banoopy patrols the lower level of Frosted Peak, attacking any Bugsnax it encounters. Use a Trip Shot attached to a campfire or a brazier to thaw the Scoopy Banoopy out and stun it at the same time. If you only thaw it out (by leading it into the campfire, for example) it will eventually burst into two Banoppers, a Cheery, and a Scoopy.
    Instabug Instabugs live in bushes. You can tell if an Instabug is about, as the bush will shake constantly. Take your Snaxscope (your camera) out and point it at the bush. The Instabug will come out for a picture. If you place your trap in the spot it poses, you can close the camera and snap the trap shut quick enough to get the snak.
    Melty Snakpod There are 5 Melty Snakpods to find, and they don't respawn until you've got them all at least once:

    • Attached to the wall past the campfire on the right of the entrace – head to the campfire and scan the wall with your Snaxscope to more easily find it
    • Attached to the tent at the peak
    • Attached to one of teeth at the top of the entrance to the temple
    • Attached to the ceiling of the bottom cavern
    • At the top of the frozen waterfall
    You can pick Snakpods up with the Bug Net, but most in Frosted Peak will require the use of the Snakgrappler.
    Baby Cakelegs These are spawned as part of the Daddy Cakelegs fight, but they can be found in the bottom cavern after you've completed that fight once. You can easily catch a Baby Cakelegs by letting it walk into your Snak Trap.
    Daddy Cakelegs You'll face this Legendary Bugsnak as part of Snorpy's questline. Check out our guide to catching Daddy Cakelegs here!

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