Bugsnax: How To Find And Catch All Bugsnax In Sizzlin’ Sands

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Sizzlin' Sands is one of the late-game areas that Bugsnax has to offer. It's a wide-open expanse of sand with a small oasis, a large pyramid, and a bunch of Bugsnax to seek and capture. In addition, you'll meet Shelda, a contentious character to say the least.

There are some tricky customers to deal with here, so you'll need to shore up some patience, stock up on sauce, and get ready to deal with frustrations. You'll be set on fire, divebombed by chickens, and launched into the air by tornadoes before you're through.

Every Bugsnax In Sizzlin' Sands

As a late-game area, it's best to go in prepared when going on a hunting trip to the Sizzlin' Sands. The table below contains every Bugsnak you can find in the area.

Appearance Name Behavior Traits
Loaded Spuddy Loves cheese and ketchup, hates Preying Picantises, fears Spuddies Aggressive, Sweet
Tacroach Loves cheese and hot sauce Meaty
Preying Picantis Loves cheese and hot sauce, fears Loaded Spuddies Aggressive, Breakable, Meaty, Spicy
Black Lollive Loves cheese Flying
Buffalocust Loves hot sauce and ranch dressing Aggressive, Flying, Meaty, Spicy
Eggler Loves hot sauce
Flapjackarak Loves chocolate and peanut butter, hates Loaded Spuddies, fears Preying Picantises, is only active between 5:00 AM and 6:00 PM Aggressive, Meaty, Sweet
Scorpepper Loves cheese, hates hot sauce Aggressive, Red, Spicy
Incherrito Loves cheese and hot sauce Aggressive, Burrowing, Meaty
Black Razzby Loves chocolate Fruity
Sodie D Hates cheese, hot sauce, ranch dressing, and fire Sweet
Cheezer Loves cheese and peanut butter Evasive
Meaty Snakpod Meaty
Bombino Loves cheese and hot sauce Aggressive, Meaty, Spicy
Mothza Supreme Aggressive, Breakable, Meaty, Spicy

How To Catch Every Bugsnax In Sizzlin' Sands

There are a few tricky Bugsnax to catch in this area. You'll need all of the following tools if you want 100 percent completion:

  • Sauce Slinger
    • Every sauce you need can be found in Sizzlin' Sands apart from ranch dressing, which is found in Flavor Falls.
  • Trip Shot
  • Lunchpad
  • Appearance Name Location How To Catch
    Loaded Spuddy Loaded Spuddies tend to roam the part of the desert to the left of the oasis. As with normal Spuddies, just lure two of them together and they'll charge each other. Once stunned, it's a simple matter of picking it up.
    Tacroach Tacroaches are only found after breaking open a Preying Picantis. Tacroaches are easy to catch, just get them into your Snak Trap with either cheese or hot sauce.
    Preying Picantis There are a few Preying Picantises to the right of the oasis. If a Preying Picantis sees you, it'll charge at you until it gets close enough to take a swipe at you. Lead it to the oasis, where the resident Sodie D will spray it with water. Once put out, a 20-second timer will begin, at the end of which the snak will break into 2 Tacroaches and an Incherrito. During this time, catch the Preying Picantis in a Trip Shot wire to stun it and pick it up.
    Black Lollive Black Lollives circle the oasis in the center of the area. You can launch your Snak Trap at the Black Lollive using the Lunchpad to catch it. Be careful, though, as if the Lollive spies the Snak Trap on the ground, it'll pick it up, making it largely useless.
    Buffalocust Buffalocusts fly in the air to the left of the oasis, near the Loaded Spuddies and Waffstackaraks. Using the Buggy Ball covered in ranch dressing, lure the Buffalocust towards the oasis. Don't let the Buggy Ball stay still for too long on the way as the Buffalocust will divebomb it, wasting time. Once you're at the oasis, though, let the Buffalocust divebomb and it'll come in range of the Sodie D, which will put it out with water. The Buffalocust will be dazed and ready for capture.
    Eggler There are a few eggs scattered around the area. One is near the Loaded Spuddies and Buffalocust spawn points, and one is on Shelda's sleeping bag. You'll need to get the egg attacked by another snak to break it open and release the Eggler inside. The easiest ways to do this are to lure a Loaded Spuddy in its path or to cover it in ranch dressing and let a Buffalocust divebomb it. Once released, Egglers are easy to catch – just lead them into a Snak Trap with hot sauce.
    Flapjackarak Only spawning in the daytime, these Bugsnax are found to the left of the oasis. You'll be able to spot them easily by the large tornadoes they create whenever they see another Bugsnak. Scan the Flapjackarak to see its intended path, and then trip it up with the Trip Shot.
    Scorpepper There is a single Scorpepper hanging out on the wall near the cheese plants. Lure the Scorpepper to the oasis with a Buggy Ball covered in its beloved cheese. There, the Sodie D will put it out with a spray of water, letting you nab the Scorpepper with the Bug Net.
    Incherrito You can find Incherritos either as a result of a Preying Picantis breaking apart or in the underground cavern where you also find Black Razzbies. They appear as buried mounds. You need to make an Incherrito hurt itself to be able to pick it up. To do this, force it to attack hard ground by shooting cheese or hot sauce on some stone. It'll daze itself and you can pick it up.
    Black Razzby There is a single Black Razzby in the underground cavern that Shelda leads you to. Get a Buffalocust to divebomb the cracked ground to access it. Like Strabbies and regular Razzbies, you can get a Black Razzby with a chocolate-covered Snak Trap.
    Sodie D You'll find a Sodie D in the only water of Sizzlin' Sands, in the oasis. You can either set a Snak Trap in the Sodie D's path and catch it that way, or pick it up after it gets knocked out by a Preying Picantis in retaliation for putting it out.
    Cheezer Cheezers speed around the map incredibly quickly. Its path crosses right in front of the area's entrance. Place a Trip Shot wire down in the Cheezer's path. It might take a while to come back around, but it'll get dazed.
    Meaty Snakpod There are 5 Meaty Snakpods to find in Sizzlin' Sands, just like in the other areas. They will only respawn once you've found them all at least once:

    • In the underground cavern, attached to a rock near the Black Razzby's bush
    • In the underground cavern, next to a Scorpenyo statue
    • Attached to the rim of the exit hole from the underground cavern
    • Attached to the back of a column near the pyramid, on the side facing away from the oasis
    • Attached to the wall next to the cheese plant
    You can pick up Snakpods with your Bug Net if you can get close enough. Otherwise, you'll have to use the Snakgrappler.
    Bombino Bombinos are usually found during the Mothza Supreme fight, but can be found on the pyramid on subsequent visits. You can pick up Bombinos that have been extinguished during the Mothza Supreme fight, otherwise, you'll have to do it yourself by leading a Sodie D near one with a trail of sauce.
    Mothza Supreme Mothza Supreme is fought as part of Cromdo's sidequests. Check out our guide to catching Mothza Supreme here!

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