Bundle For Palestinian Aid Has Over 1000 Games For $5

Following the ongoing humanitarian crisis faced by Palestinians, the gaming community has recently hosted dozens of fundraisers. So far, this has taken the form of marathon livestreams and even a one-off Smash Bros. Melee tournament. Now, anyone wanting to chip in can bag a tremendous indie game collection in the process, as the “Bundle for Palestinian Aid” offers 1020 titles for just $5.

As with any other charity bundle, you can opt to donate more to the charity, but gaining access to this immense library of games is only $5. This has proven successful so far, at the time of writing, it’s raised $150,389 in under 24 hours. This puts it at 30% of its $500,000 goal.

Notable inclusions in the bundle include Underhero, an RPG platformer in which an evil underling takes the role of a fallen hero to finish their quest. Calico, a cat cafe simulator game is also available, having released last year to positive reviews. Most fittingly however there’s Liyla and the Shadows of War – a game from Palestinian developer Rasheed Abueideh, which tells the story of a girl living in Gaza during the 2014 war, in which 30% of the casualties were children.

This bundle was put together by Alanna Linayre, founder of indie studio, Toadhouse Games. All profits from this bundle will go to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which has been providing food, healthcare, and mental health support in Gaza throughout the most recent conflict.

This latest wave of fundraising comes in the wake of renewed conflict in the Gaza Strip, following the IDF’s raid of a Mosque and subsequent airstrikes in the region. By the time a ceasefire was called, 256 Palestinians were killed, including 66 children. In Israel, 13 people were killed, two of which were children.

The bundle ends Friday, June 11, a week after its initial launch. More donations are coming in by the minute, with the biggest single contribution so far being $1,020.

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