Bungie Details Destiny 2 Finishers At Gamescom

We’ve gotten used to seeing the Destiny franchise showcased through Sony events, but with Bungie’s recent independence from Activision, it’s clear that the company is throwing a broader net. At this morning’s Inside Xbox event, game director Ben Wommack and communications director David Dague took to the stage to discuss some of what players can expect in the Shadowkeep expansion for Destiny 2, which is arriving on October 1.

The biggest focus of the conversation was finishers, new “ultimate-style” attacks , a new flourish attack that shows up when enemies are low on health. Different classes each have their own finishers. While there’s no cooldown between finishers, there is a risk/reward dynamic at play, since you’ll be exposing your guardian to attack when you move close for a big finisher.

Shadowkeep is also introducing some big changes to the way armor works, and the new Armor 2.0 system allows for players to more fully customize the mods and capabilities of their armor. That dynamic will play into the finisher feature, with ways to add gameplay effects when a finisher is completed. For instance, you might be able to spawn a heavy brick of ammo for your whole team by completing a finisher, but at the cost of half your super.

Destiny 2 has been rolling out a bunch of info about what to expect from Shadowkeep over the last week, including an extensive retrospective at recent months of the game and a look ahead at what’s next from the team. You can explore that content over at Bungie’s official site.

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