Call of Duty Black Ops 4 news: When is FREE Alcatraz Blackout update coming to Xbox One?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 fans are still waiting for the release of the brand new Alcatraz map on Xbox One and PC.

The Alcatraz Blackout map made its PS4 debut as a free update on April 2.

Unfortunately, however, due to Sony’s exclusivity deal with Activision, Xbox One and PC owners were forced to wait.

Thankfully, however, the wait won’t be for long, because Alcatraz has an April 9 release date on Xbox One and PC.

Alcatraz is a standalone map with its own playlist, and smaller, more compact play area.

The new map is said to require new tactics, as players battle within a fog-filled island.

“The new Blackout Alcatraz map is set in a fog-filled island boasting a variety of environments that all lead up to the big cellhouse atop the hill,” reads the Activision post.

“Requiring new strategies and tactics, players will drop in, gear up and fight through both close-quarters combat and long-range exterior firefights as they battle to be the last squad standing.

“Alcatraz is launching in addition to the original Blackout map, so players will have two distinct maps to choose from when jumping into the mode.”

The map contains a smattering of zombies, as well as one or two undead surprises.

It launched alongside a brand new Barebones playlist for old school Call of Duty fans.

Barebones strips things back for a more traditional Call of Duty experience. Gone are specialists in favour of classic Call of Duty rules.

And according to Black Ops developer Treyarch, more new playlists and features will be added over the coming weeks.

This includes the Infected playlist and brand new Arsenal Sandstorm map, which is a free download.

A Treyarch tweet reads: “Yes! Barebones goes live for all platforms tomorrow, then we’ll be dropping Infected up next, followed by the free Arsenal Sandstorm map for everyone, and of course, a new batch of MP maps when our next Operation kicks off later this month. Can’t wait!”

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