Call Of Duty Mobile’s Season 11 Update Leaks

Call of Duty: Mobile is nearing its one-year anniversary and that means new updates. Of course, new updates mean new leaks — specifically for both season 11 and the game’s anniversary.

Call of Duty: Mobile has seen pretty expansive growth since its launch on October 1 of last year. The game even features fan-favorites like zombies mode and the rust map. It’s even been rumored that it will connect to Warzone thanks to a job listing from Activision. All of this, of course, is being run on mobile phones, which is an incredible feat for any game.

One intrepid fan has noticed that the end of the current season and the game’s anniversary don’t match up, so they decided to go straight to the source and ask what would be happening with both. Luckily, the moderators for the game’s official subreddit were there to answer. The majority of the anniversary update will coincide with the beginning of season 11, not the game’s actual anniversary.

The devs didn’t officially mention anything about what would be coming in the anniversary update, but a few things have since been leaked. There is a rumor that there will be two new maps, one new weapon, night maps, hybrid scopes, and changes to the battle royale map.  This will be in addition to all of the changes that are coming in the season 11 update. Player feedback for the “hunt Makarov” event that started yesterday has already been extremely positive, so the developers may introduce a similar even in upcoming seasons.

Whatever actually happens with the anniversary update, it’s sure to be big. With Cold War going live in November and promises of some form of Warzone integration on CoD: Mobile, it’s not too much of a stretch to think that the anniversary update will take advantage of the entire CoD universe—as well as celebrating CoD: Mobile. If that does prove to be the case, the anniversary update is going to be one of the most exciting — if not the most exciting — updates yet. We’re excited to see what happens.

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