Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – 9 Relatable Things Every Player Does

Call of Duty's annual release schedules gives us a sense of deja vu. The same conversations pop up around the newest entry, whether it be about the game's story or the popular multiplayer suite. That's not to say 2022's Modern Warfare 2 doesn't add new features to the package to make it worth purchasing again, however.

Despite its impressively large and diverse player base from all corners of the globe and from all walks of life, there are things just about everybody will do when they are playing the series' 2022 entry. If you do these things too does it make you just another sheep among the masses? No, it only makes you human.

10/10 Pick A New Gun And Blame Every Failure On It

The game's multiplayer progression encourages you to try out new weapons to unlock new attachments. Instead of unlocking attachments for a single weapon based on its level, you have to unlock them by using a specific gun.

Unfortunately, it always seems like every death and failure while trying the new weapon would have been averted if you had just kept using your trusted and familiar firearm, whatever that may have been. The fault, of course, could not have been in your lack of awareness or slow reflexes. You are perfect; it was the gun's fault.

9/10 Eliminating Yourself With A Grenade

Enemies, both player and AI, feel like they were NFL quarterbacks before joining the virtual armed forces. Yet when you throw a grenade, half the time it bounces off a wall and lands right next to you.

In a panic, you don't do the reasonable thing and throw it back, but instead try to run and ultimately die, just like a deer who tries to run back where it came from when it sees a car rather than sprinting to the other side of the road. Instead of becoming road kill, you just have to restart the checkpoint or lose a point for your team.

8/10 Wrestle With A Bad Checkpoint

Modern Warfare 2's checkpoint system always leaves you in a specific spot at a specific time. While this is cool in theory, it can lead you to spawn in some vulnerable positions.

Everybody who has beaten the game has probably spawned right when a tank boss at the end of the game is aimed and primed to fire a cannon. Other times you spawn with a grenade ready to explode at your feet. You end up spending several minutes trying to quickly avoid the hazard and make it to the next, safer checkpoint.

7/10 Trying Stealth Takedowns At The Worst Possible Times

By holding the melee button when an enemy player is facing away from you, you initiate a stealth takedown. Not only do they look flashy, but you unlock an Operator for successfully doing one. These are called stealth takedowns for a reason.

If you do it in the middle of an open firefight, you are at best compromising the kill because an ally can steal it from you during the animation. At worst, you are putting yourself in danger since an enemy team member can save their comrade. Still, it is often too great of an opportunity to pass up. It's worth the risk.

6/10 Mute Everyone Right Away

Voice chat should be a great way to meet new people who share a love of Call of Duty. In reality, it is filled with people criticizing the way you play, yelling something unrelated to the game, or letting music or other background noise bleed into the microphone.

There is nothing more satisfying than muting everybody in the lobby right away. Call of Duty knows you want to do this, so it makes it as simple as pressing one button. Just because people are on the same team doesn't mean they have any interest in listening to each other speak.

5/10 Communicate Through Body Language

You may have muted everybody, but you can still communicate in the tried-and-true multiplayer FPS way; ducking and jumping. Who among us has not randomly crouched, gone prone, and frantically switched weapons while the clock ticks down the start of the round or match?

It's a simple way of acknowledging each others' existences without having to actually talk. The risk of insults, slurs, and slights against each others' mothers is at a minimum.

4/10 Play Against The Game's Instructions

This one is purely about the single-player campaign. The story often sets players on a clearly defined path. What is the fun of doing what the game wants, though? It's more entertaining to run ahead of, melee, and shoot at the NPCs guiding you through the mission.

To the game's credit, many stealth sequences continue and can be beaten even if the enemy is alerted to your presence. In many other situations, it just leads to a game over or a warning that you are stepping out of bounds.

3/10 Throw A Grenade Or A Knife At The Start Of A Round

We all want to be the next viral Call of Duty video showcasing a successful one-in-a-million shot. If you play a million rounds and throw a grenade at the start of each one, odds are you will end up killing somebody.

Of course, a million rounds will take years upon years to play and in the meantime, you will constantly play without a grenade in your inventory. It will be worth it to show off that one moment to all of your friends and strangers on the Internet though.

2/10 Throw A Tantrum On A Losing Streak

You might never admit to having done this, but nobody is perfect and it is okay to confess to losing your cool every once in a while. Sometimes, you just keep dying and dying while frustration mounts with every failure.

If you are alone in your room or house you feel a little more comfortable just letting go and shrieking at the top of your lungs, insisting that the game code failed and your death is completely unfair. Just be sure to make sure the microphone is muted. This is especially easy to forget on the PS5 where the microphone is built into the controller.

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