Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – All Marksman and Sniper Rifles, Ranked

The heated conversation around snipers will always accompany any Call of Duty game, and it's no different with Modern Warfare 2. Snipers are expected to down an enemy in one hit as a reward for their patience and steady aim. But, skilled players rush around, quick scope, and take you down as soon as you dare walk in front of their sights.

However, no one can deny that it's fun to be a sniper, dominating lobbies with one bullet per person. Whether you're holding a long angle or rushing behind enemy lines, there's a Marksman or Sniper Rifle which would suit your style.

10/10 LM-S

The LM-S (Heckler & Koch PSG1) is the fastest-firing Marksman Rifle at 333rpm. You'll only need one bullet to the head to eliminate an enemy under 48 meters; beyond that, the weapon is still capable of two-shotting your mark. However, the recoil and fire rate makes it difficult to take long-range shots, as you'll have to correct your aim to land consecutive hits.

It's like the Dragunov from Modern Warfare 1, where you'll collect hit markers with barely any eliminations. The LM-S is an accurate semi-automatic sniper rifle that requires extra effort to make it work.

9/10 MCPR-300

The MCPR-300 (Barret MRAD) is one of the first Sniper Rifles unlocked in the category. It's a great baseline Sniper Rifle, and it gets the job done when it comes to putting down a target. The MCPR-300 has solid damage profiles even at extreme range, which means it's a good weapon in ground maps or Warzone 2.

The MCPR-300 is a sluggish powerhouse that's only good for sniping enemies while you're stationary. It's a heavyweight with slow ADS times and an unforgiving fire rate, leaving it without the redeeming factors of other Sniper Rifles.

8/10 EBR-14

The EBR-14 is a semi-automatic Marksman Rifle modeled after the MK 14 Enhanced BR. It has ten bullets in its magazine and can potentially take down enemies with one or two hits. The rifle has the second-fastest firing rate of all Marksman Rifles with 286rpm, making it forgiving when you miss your shots.

Like its Modern Warfare 1 iteration, the EBR-14 is a good rifle but definitely not a top-tier contender. Unfortunately, it's severely outclassed by the TAQ-M, another fast-firing semi-automatic Marksman Rifle.

7/10 LA-B 330

The LA-B 330 (McMillan TAC-300) is a lightweight choice in the Sniper Rifle class. Any player with a half decent aim can easily score a kill under 35 meters, as one shot to the chest, arms, or head deals lethal damage. Raising the Sniper Rifle to ADS only takes half a second, a stat traditional quickscopers will always love.

The LA-B 330 is an accurate and mobile Sniper Rifle that handles well. It's a powerful weapon on its own; the issue is that the SP-X 80 is a better option for the same lightweight and agile sniper niche.

6/10 TAQ-M

Whether you're using a Battle Rifle or Marksman Rifle, semi-automatic weapons struggle to find their place in the Modern Warfare 2 meta. But, the TAQ-M (FN SCAR 20S) gives a glimpse of multiplayer lobbies without overpowered Assault Rifles, and one-tap Marksman Rifles or Shotguns.

Depending on the distance, the TAQ-M can use one or mostly two bullets to secure an elimination. The weapon hits as hard as it kicks, and you'll have to realign your crosshair after each shot because of the brutal recoil. While you'll have a hard time in close quarters against other weapons, you'll have the damage and effective range of a Marksman Rifle with the forgiving firing speed of an Assault Rifle.

5/10 SP-X 80

The SP-X 80 (Remington MSR) is the best Sniper Rifle to bring into multiplayer lobbies. The lightweight Sniper Rifle hits like a truck under 44 meters, as it can one-tap enemies starting from the lower chest and hands. Even after 59 meters, it retains its ability to take out enemies instantly when hitting the chest.

Despite the SP-X 80's monstrous damage profile, it also has the advantage of mobility and easy handling. The SP-X 80 is ideal for collecting quick scope clips for your social media.

4/10 Signal 50

When it comes to ground war maps or Warzone 2, the Signal 50 (GM6 Lynx .50) Sniper Rifle has a consistent one-tap kill threat at extreme ranges. Beyond 66 meters, the Signal 50 only needs one bullet to the chest or upper body. It also boasts a fire rate of 111rpm, giving you the potential to wipe out an enemy team single-handedly.

The Signal 50 is the heaviest Sniper Rifle, which is why it isn't the best choice for small multiplayer maps. But its accessible accuracy and low recoil are great for taking out faraway enemies from a high vantage point.

3/10 Lockwood Mk2

The Lockwood Mk2 (Marlin 336) is a quick scope and flick powerhouse. Due to the faster fire rate and smooth time to enter and exit ADS, you can definitely take on consecutive enemies, hitting back-to-back one-shots like you're Clint Eastwood. Use the Lockwood Mk2 if you need a Marksman Rifle with great handling.

The lever-action rifle's damage falls off after a short 24 meters. After that, you'll have to land your shots on the head or neck for the one-shot kill. A satisfying gun for skilled players who don't want to abuse overtuned weapons.

2/10 SA-B 50

The SA-B 50 (M24 Sniper Weapon System) is an agile Marksman Rifle that dominates close-quarter engagements. If you're fond of flicking your wrist to line up a satisfying shot, the SA-B 50 will serve you better than any shotgun or SMG. The rifle is the most effective under 44 meters, where one bullet to the chest is enough to eliminate an operator.

The SA-B 50 has a relatively fast ADS time of 310ms, quicker than most Marksman and Sniper Rifles. The gun immediately clicks with hyper-aggressive rushers, especially if you can control the recoil and accuracy. In smaller maps, it performs better than the best Marksman Rifles in Modern Warfare 2.

1/10 SP-R 208

The SP-R 208 (Remington 708) has quickly gained notoriety because it is almost broken. The iconic Marksman Rifle can reliably one-tap enemies below 55 meters on the chest. The gun is already amazing out of the box, especially with its accurate and clean iron sights.

The SP-R 208 gets even better when you slot mobility attachments. Additionally, it is laser precise and barely flinches, so that you can run and slide in lobbies. Even though the SP-R 208 is the baseline gun to unlock other Marksman and Sniper Rifles, you'll return to it in the end because of its versatility and power.

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