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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has a laundry list of weapons, but the PDSW 528 stands out in the submachine gun category. This weapon has shown up in prior releases of the series and has almost always been a force to be reckoned with.

Utilizing the strong points of this weapon makes it an absolute laser and is sure to be the victor in any fast movement and close-quarters combat situations. For those who love Submachine Guns and live to fire while running through the enemy, this may be the choice weapon for you. Let's take a deeper look into how to make a great PDSW 528.

Best PDSW 528 Build

This is a no-recoil build. There is a focus on Damage, Accuracy, Range, Recoil Control, and Handling, with only a minor setback in Mobility – but with the right perks, you can easily counter that.

Slot Attachment Name Pros Cons Tunes
Underbarrel Demo Imp-44 Grip Hip Fire Accuracy, Aiming Idle Stability, Recoil Stabilization Aim Down Sight Speed, Walking Speed -0.80 oz Weight, -0.40 in Length
Barrel 16' Cloak 90 Sound Suppression, Bullet Velocity, Recoil Control, Hip Fire Accuracy Hip Recoil Control, Aim Down Sight Speed, Movement Speed -0.50 lb Weight, -0.40 in Length
Stock Corio Laz-44 V3 Crouch Movement Speed, Sprint Speed, Aim Down Sights Speed Recoil Control -4.00 oz Weight, -2.32 in Length
Rear Grip Bruen Q900 Grip Sprint to Fire Speed, Aim Down Sight Speed Recoil Control -1.00 oz Weight, -0.45 in Width
Stock TV TacComb Sprint to Fire Speed, Aim Down Sight Speed Aiming Stability, Aim Walking Speed -0.35 oz Weight, -0.20 in Thickness

You'll find that this weapon takes down enemies incredibly quickly and with utmost accuracy. The tunings of this weapon make this weapon fire as fast as possible, and the Recoil is excellent despite having a few Cons in Recoil Control.

If your playstyle is running around the map, snuffing out enemies from buildings, and being on the move constantly, then you may have found your home with the PDSW 528 with these attachments and tunes. You will find that this weapon does more than close-quarters extermination; it is also quite effective at a distance as well.

Best Loadout

You will need to accompany this with a proper loadout, especially to make up for the decrease in Mobility from the build above. This PDSW 528 build may have a shortcoming in Mobility, but let's take a look at how to make this weapon even more powerful with the proper loadout.

Slot Name Description
Tactical Stim If you are running around the map, you are bound to get hit, that's where Stims come in handy to get back into the next fight. These will give you health regeneration upon use.
Lethal Drill Charge If an enemy is behind a wall and trying to hide you can get them through the wall with the Drill Charge. This Lethal will attach itself to the wall, drill through and explode on the other side, killing the hiding enemy. Quite useful when they're hiding or even if you are, and you know they are coming.
Perk Packages Double Time, Scavenger, Focus, and Ghost Since this build does have a decrease in Mobility, Double Time will compensate for that. Scavenger will allow you to stay stocked up on your ammo as you kill, while Focus will help with those flinches when you're getting hit, so you can stay on your target with your iron sights. Ghost will allow you to stay hidden from enemy UAVs, Radars, and Heart Beat Sensors
Field Upgrades Munitions Box and Portable Radar If Scavenger isn't keeping your ammo up then feel free to rely on your Munitions Box to give you back a few clips of ammo to ensure you can continue fighting. The Portable Radar is great as well for when you are holding down a location and want to know where to look to get the enemy before they see you.

This build is so versatile in the sense that you can either run and gun, hold down a location, or even take out enemies at mid-range or a bit further than mid-range distances.

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