Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 YouTuber Glitches Into Warzone 2 Map Early

Warzone 2 isn't launching until November 16, but one YouTuber has already flown across its map thanks to a Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer exploit.

As reported by NME, this was pulled off by JGOD who used the god mode bug to push through the boundaries with a helicopter. As we can see, this typically kills you, as he gets pushed out of the pilot's seat and takes a hefty amount of damage, but as he can't die, he manages to break out of Invasion's map boundaries. Invasion, for context, is a section of Warzone 2's map. So, once outside the boundaries, we can see the full layout of Al Mazrah from the skies.

The video was shared today but Infinity Ward said only yesterday that it had "fixed various map exploits and bugs across the game", so it might not be possible to replicate this again. However, it's only under two weeks before we'll be able to visit Al Mazrah as intended in Warzone 2.

From what we see in JGOD's clip, there isn't much in the way of cover, but using the out-of-bounds to gauge what Al Mazrah will look like exactly isn't the best way to go about it. Loading in an entire battle royale map for a single multiplayer session isn't ideal, so a lot of finer details won't be present, such as foliage and certain objects. We'll have to wait and see how the gaps are filled in.

Modern Warfare 2 might be housing more of Warzone 2's secrets than we first thought. While you can seemingly break out of map boundaries to see the entirety of Al Mazrah nearly two weeks early, fans also think they've spotted the second map in the campaign. During the "El Sin Nombre" mission, there's a map on the table behind Diego which lines up with previous leaks about a second Warzone location called Las Almas.

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