Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Pro players already love one of the game’s big new changes

Call of Duty Modern Warfare intends to change a lot of things about the series up. 

Veteran CoD developer Infinity Ward plans to bring back killstreaks, unify progression across all modes, remove the minimap from the MP portion of the game and go back to the core design philosophies that made Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 such massive successes.

One of the main elements that Infinity Ward is iterating on is its sound design.

Thanks to the new engine the studio has used to build the soft reboot of Modern Warfare, the team has been able to revamp the audio from the bottom up.

The result? Sound design so good that even pro players are finding new ways to master the game.

“I always want to make sure we’re giving as much gameplay information as possible with how we’re designing the sound of the game,” explains [xxx], sound director on the game.

“We want you to know that, when you’ve walked through a cave system, there’s a little puddle there, and you hear a splash. Then you might hear that again behind you and you know exactly where that location is.”

The crystal clear and immediately identifiable sounds design in the game is already being utilised by pro players in testing to change the tactics they use to dominate the battlefield.

“We had some pros come out an play and we were watching them real closely. And you could tell they weren’t paying attention to the stuff on the screen, they were playing by what they could hear.

“One player was focused on the edge of a building, and you could see him tracking [the reticule] on-screen and timing it. So it was – step, step, bang. No reflex, no twitch – he was playing with the sound.

“That, to me, means we’re achieving what we set out to do.”

[xxxx] has been at Infinity Ward for the better part of 13 years – he was on the sound team or the original Modern Warfare back in [2007?]

Realising sound in this way and making the audio such an integral part of the game – more so than it ever has before – has been his goal for over a decade.

The result, with Modern Warfare, is genuinely next-gen quality audio. It honestly feels like that much of a progression. 

“To make this game feel like a generational leap when it comes to sound… that’s exactly what we’re after,” agrees [xxx]

“When the studio came to us and told us we’re going back to the series I cheered [laughter]. All the things I couldn’t do then, all the capabilities that open up with the power of the new consoles… The tools that we have now that we didn’t have then… It’s all coming together.”

We’re excited for you all to get your hands on it and see just what we mean about how game-changing this sound is – Infinity Ward deserves credit for iterating the game so much since its last CoD effort with Infinity War: if PlayStation 5 and Xbox One can serve sound design even half as good as this, we’re in for a bright future.

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