Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: Where To Find Every Key In The DMZ

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  • By Looting Containers
  • By Killing AI Enemies
  • By Completing HVT Contracts
  • By Opening Supply Drops

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 has arrived, and players are eager to dive into the new game mode called the DMZ. In this mode, you enter the Al Mazrah map with two other players and take on multiple objectives that you can select pre-match.

Completing the objectives gives you special rewards, such as Blueprints or level-up weapons that you can use in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. One of the main features of this game mode is the numerous keys that players can find to access new areas and loot. In this article, we will guide you on where to find every key in the DMZ.

By Looting Containers

You can obtain DMZ keys by looting containers. You will need to locate and search containers in the game's designated areas. These containers can be found in various locations throughout the map and can be searched by interacting with them.

Be aware that these areas are highly contested, so be prepared for potential enemy encounters while searching for containers. Additionally, the keys may not be guaranteed to spawn in every container, so you may need to search multiple containers to obtain one.

On top of that, you can also look for them in Lockers inside the buildings. There is a high chance that you might come across the required key there.

By Killing AI Enemies

Highly contested areas will have more difficult AI enemies lurking around that are a force to be reckoned with. But the harder the enemies you face, the more the chance of them dropping high-quality loot, which involves the keys.

Hop on in the game with your friends and start killing the AI enemies for a chance to get a key, that opens a locked room in that particular area. However, the chances of finding a key from enemy loot are slim.

By Completing HVT Contracts

HVT Contracts are an easy way to get your hands on a key in DMZ mode. These can be started by heading to the location where the phone is located and interacting with it to start the contract.

It will mark an area where you need to go and kill the enemies in that area. One of the enemies will drop a key which you can then use on a locked door in that location.

By Opening Supply Drops

Supply Drops spawn after some time in the DMZ mode, marked on the map with a gold square. The probability of finding a key in a Supply Drop is much greater than any other method. If you are on a key hunt, make sure to open all the Supply Drops that drop from the sky.

However, these Supply Drops are marked for every other player on the map, so beware of other enemy players when you head out in the open to loot the goodies.

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