Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Infinite Stim Exploit Is Back, But This Time It’s Not A Glitch

Call of Duty’s infinite stim glitch has been very difficult to get rid of.  Raven Software has attempted to get rid of it no less than four times at this point. A recent patch might have been the nail in the coffin, but there are reports that the infinite stim exploit still exists. This time, though, it’s being done legally.

Previous iterations of the exploit required you to do some strange things. For example, the last time, you had to cook a grenade and throw away your weapons. Doing so would, for some reason, give you infinite stims. This meant that you could wait out the game in the gas instead of playing as it was intended to be played—by hunting down the other players. The situation, of course,  has been very frustrating for players who were trying to play legitimately.

Raven Software appears to have finally killed the bug that allowed players to infinitely heal themselves with a recent patch. However, it is being done legally, but you’re going to need a lot of in-game cash. According to GameSpot, people are farming munitions like they were farming gas masks early in Warzone’s life; allowing players to get infinite amounts of stims. However, the article didn’t specifically mention how it is being done.

In contradiction to the GameSpot article, the ModernWarzone Twitter claimed that this is the fifth time that we’ve seen this. Followers of ModernWarzone are saying that the grenade cooking method still works and that the patch from Raven Software didn’t remove the exploit. In response, they are calling for the removal of Stims from the game.

This has been an ongoing request from players, though, one that the developers may not be able to deliver on. Since the addition of the Cold War weapons, players have also been asking for all Cold War guns to be removed. Raven Software has nerfed problematic Cold War weapons and addressed several other player complaints. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be enough. Outside of the infinite sim, players are finding that an operator skin has become a problem as well. Despite all of this, Warzone remains one of the most popular battle royale games on the market.

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