Celebrities Don’t Have PS5s To Sell, They’ve Been Hacked

More than 18 months on from launch, PS5s remain notoriously hard to come by. Stock continues to sell out as soon as it's available, and virtual queues are thousands of people long. A celebrity offering up a PS5 for nothing more than a donation to charity is a chance many have been jumping at this week. An opportunity that sounds too good to be true because, well, it is.

The issue appears to have begun on the Twitter account of WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley. The retired wrestler tweeted to his two million followers that he had PS5s for sale, adding that all the proceeds from those sales would go to charity (via Push Square). Foley is an incredibly charitable man, so the idea he was doing it for a good cause made the whole thing sound pretty believable.

Sadly, it was not a legitimate offer and once Foley got control of his account back, he revealed he had been hacked. “I really feel for anyone who fell for that ploy to purchase PS5 consoles. Please contact your bank or credit card and try to have that charge reversed,” Foley said in a video he shared with his followers. The Hardcore Legend's response implies some people were indeed fooled by the scam, likely sending DMs to his account with their bank details, or confirming they would send money to the hacker.

It also appears after Foley successfully managed to boot the scammers from his account, they moved on to another big name. LA Lakers boss Jeanie Buss was the next celeb targeted as a tweet very similar to the one on Foley's account appeared on her timeline. Again promising the money made would go to charity, and that anyone who got in touch would also have the chance to attend a Lakers game for free.

Suffice to say, if you see a tweet like this in the next few days, or ever really, don't fall for it. Yes, PS5s are still very hard to find, but a celebrity isn't going to gift or sell you one on Twitter. Keep going through the proper channels to get one, and just hope someone who wants one for themselves between the warehouse and your doorstep doesn't replace it with a big bag of cat food.

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