Check Out Arizona Sunshine's Free New Coop Map Right Here

As promised last week, the Quest version of Arizona Sunshine just got a free update adding a new map, and we’ve got a first look for you right here.

The new map, named Trailer Park, takes another level of the game’s 2016 campaign for four players to team up in. You’ll need to survive for as long as possible, gunning down hordes of zombies between waves. Get further into the level and you’ll unlock new weapons.

Trailer Park is available on Quest right now and will be coming to PC VR and PSVR early next year. It’s a fun addition to the horde mode, packing players into tight confines with enemies pouring in from every angle. You’ll weave in and out between buildings, though ammo runs scarce pretty quickly. Headshot experts required.

Arizona’s new map is the latest reveal in our Winter Wrap-Up week here at Upload. We’ve already featured Blaston, Demeo and The Wizards: Dark Times, but check back tomorrow for a look at Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife. We’ll also have the first look at new gameplay from Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual and we’ll be revealing the full list of nominations for Upload’s 2020 VR Awards. Check out the full schedule below!

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