Chrono Cross: All Red Element Characters, Ranked

The fiery antithesis to the cool Blues, Red Element characters in Chrono Cross tend to be very loud, expressive, and boisterous. This is characteristic of the Element as a whole, which features many damage-dealing spells, often associated with oppressive and burning heat.

Having a Red character on your team is a good idea if you want to boost your damage, whether through hard-hitting physical attacks or rapid spellcasting. You can't really go wrong with these characters, but some do burn brighter.

8 Zappa

We said above that you can't really go wrong choosing a Red character. Well, Zappa is as close to wrong as you can get. He's a physical attacker, through and through, and while they can work in Chrono Cross, Zappa is pretty bad at it.

His strength isn't that much higher than some mages in the game, and his techs are nothing special – Balls of Iron can deal quite a lot of damage, but that's only useable once per battle. His Element Grid is too small to be exciting, and his magic makes any Elements he uses fall flat. Also, he has low stamina. Using Zappa is not recommended. Nice dude, though.

7 Janice

Once you move out of the "bad character" category, you enter the "average character" category, and that's where you'll find Janice. Janice is fine. She's workable. She has a nice big Element Grid and not-terrible physical stats.

It's a shame that her magic stats are as low as they are, as they make her Element Grid a bit useless, and she'll need lots more healing if your foes like using magic attacks. In addition, her techs are all boring single-target attacks, so there's not much to talk about there, either. Janice is useable if you like her, but there are many better options.

6 Orcha

Orcha is pretty nice, as far as all-rounders go. His stats all hover around the average mark, so he can adapt to whichever role you need him for quite easily, given a decent Element setup. Speaking of, his Element Grid is fine for what it is, having a ton of early-level slots that makes him great at spamming utility spells.

What makes Orcha interesting are his techs. His level three tech is a nice party heal called Spice of Life, something you don't often find on non-mages, and Mystery Menu, his level five tech, is a damage-dealing ability that drains some of the damage back as health. Healing and self-sustain? Pretty impressive, Orcha.

5 Miki

Miki is a lone mage in a pool of Red Element all-rounders and physical brutes. If you want to pump out the highest numbers with your precious Red Elements, Miki is your gal and she'll do it well, especially with her above-average 11 stamina.

Her physical stats do make her a little disappointing since you'll more than likely have to waste turns healing her, but it's always nice to have the option to field a meteor-slinging powerhouse of a dancer.

4 Greco

I'm sure you'll agree that every video game needs a wrestler priest, especially after coming to know Greco and his power. As you'd expect, Greco has very high physical stats, and he's among the strongest in the game when it comes to that metric. His defensive stats especially put him far above the majority of the cast.

Magically, Greco suffers a bit. His Element Grid is weedy, and his magic stat means his spells will never pump out big numbers, but magic isn't what you use Greco for. Thanks to his stats, his damage output will be fantastic, and there's nothing more fun than dragging a masked luchador around the islands, fighting dragons.

3 Macha

If you're looking for a well-balanced character, you can't really go wrong with Macha. Some people swear by taking the Glenn route in Chrono Cross, but it should really be called the Macha route because she's awesome.

With a ton of early-level Element slots, huge defensive stats, and really good magic, Macha is a versatile mage who can take quite a beating and shrug it off like nothing. Her weapons leave her with lower stats than the likes of Serge and Glenn, but she can still match up against the toughest enemies.

2 Draggy

Draggy's main selling point in Chrono Cross is his stamina of 13. This is the highest stamina in the game and allows Draggy to fire off spells and use attacks far more often than any other character can.

While his Element Grid is on the lackluster side and his magic is low, his great defensive stats and the aforementioned big stamina stat make Draggy a wonderful companion to use. Load him up with utility spells and a good weapon, and you've got a fantastic little powerhouse.

1 Kid

Kid is very good for much the same reason Leena is very good: she's available incredibly early in the game, which lets her gain a lot of stat boosts if you know how to abuse the system well. However, compared to Leena, Kid is pretty lackluster when it comes to her stat spread. She won't be putting out huge numbers.

That said, Kid does have access to one of the few stealing skills in the game, Pilfer. This lets you obtain a ton of great items and Elements far earlier than usual and shouldn't be underestimated. In addition, she has a very high stamina of 12, which lets her cast more spells than most other characters not named Draggy. Kid is absolutely worth keeping around as a utility character.

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