COD: Warzone – How To Become A Zombie

The ability to play as a zombie in Call Of Duty: Warzone is back, after last appearing during the Halloween Zombie Royale event. Players can once again leap around Verdansk and hunt other players. Here’s everything you need to know to turn into a zombie in Warzone.

How To Become Infected

To turn into a zombie, players will need to go to Prison or Shipwreck. Both of these zones have become irradiated, as shown by the red circles on the map.

When you enter either of these zones, your screen will turn green and you will start losing health as if you are in the gas. You will eventually die from this irradiation damage. When you die, you won’t enter the Gulag. Instead, you will respawn as a zombie.

If you jump from the planes directly over these zones, you will see that your health isn’t going down. Simply wait until you are a little closer to the ground to enter the infected area and start taking damage.

What Abilities Do Zombies Have

When you turn into a zombie, you will have three abilities: Super Jump, EMP Grenade and Gas Grenade. You can also do a basic melee attack with your claws. This is the same moveset as the zombies during the Zombie Royale event, so it should feel instantly familiar to those who played over Halloween.

Changes From The Haunting Of Verdansk Event

If you die whilst infected, you will respawn immediately as a zombie. During the Halloween event, zombies could pick up antiviral syringes to revive themselves, but that doesn’t exist this time. You’ll have to make the most of your zombified situation until a teammate buys you back.

During the Zombie Royale event, your team would stay zombies until the end of the game. You would not lose if you all became infected, as you could pick up the syringes and respawn throughout the match, potentially getting a surprise victory.

In the new event, players can only be zombies whilst they have a teammate alive. As soon as your final proper teammate dies, you will lose the match, even if you are still a zombie. This is because there is no way to come back without a teammate.

Which Modes Have Zombies

To become a zombie, you must drop into Verdansk with teammates. This will work in duos, trios and quads, so any size group can become infected. If you play solo, you will die and enter the Gulag as normal, despite the irradiated zones still showing on the map.

You also can’t become a zombie in the Plunder or Rebirth playlists, so you will have to play Warzone’s main Battle Royale mode with a team to become a zombie.

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