Conan Unconquered RTS from C&C makers launches a day early

Conan Unconquered, the strategy title from Command & Conquer remaster-makers Petroglyph Games, is launching early. It’s only a day early, but still, RTS fans get it May 29, 2019 on Windows PC.

The game was announced back in December; Funcom calls it a fast-paced strategy game pitting players against enemy waves of increasing size and strengths. Players must build and strengthen their forts to withstand the hordes, and can bring out gargantuan units to throw down and blow their ass away when the going really gets tough.


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Conan Unconquered features co-operative multiplayer and a PvP challenge mode, in which players can duke it out on a unique map for position on leaderboards.

Conan Unconquered’s story is inspired by Black Colossus, one of the first short stories in the Conan canon (look, I had to type that, OK) by Robert E. Howard. Black Colossus dates to 1933 and was later adapted by Marvel Comics in the 1970s.

Conan Unconquered is available through Steam and from Funcom directly. PC specs are on the official page.

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