Content Creators Are Having Their Pictures And YouTube Channels Stolen And Sold As NFTs

The NFT community is hardly known for its restraint, but it's now reached a new low. Content creators are seeing their channels pop up on NFT site OpenSea, with the "rights" to the web addresses being sold to whoever puts in an offer. These listings will of course include any artwork from the channel, contributing to the art theft already present in the NFT space.

YouTubers Jim Sterling and Caddicarus are among the first to notice their channels being sold online, in a move that they're labelling "pathetic", "disrespectful" and "exploitative". Sony Santa Monica Studios' Alanah Pearce has also had her pictures stolen and sold on the site, with the sellers going a step further than theft, and photoshopping the game dev onto a porn magazine cover.

Despite this being an obvious instance of photograph and art theft – and harassment in the case of Pearce's image – all of the listings mentioned are still live on the site at the time of writing.

The account that stole Peace's image, Adult Erotic Arts, specializes in photoshopping celebrities onto porn magazines, featuring sexually charged language about the women. In some instances, the account features fake, photoshopped nudity of the celebrities.

Stephanie Sterling, who hosts the YouTube channel Jim Sterling, commented on the NFT listing. "Frankly not surprised that some freeloading leech turned my channel into an NFT", they said. "As gross as it is, I find it justifying – I did not consent to this, I do not want this, and it demonstrates everything I’ve said about how disrespectful and exploitative this market is. Scum."

Pearce also shared the listing of her image earlier today, making it clear she did not consent to it. "Somebody has taken an image of me, that *I* own, added a trademarked porn logo to it, and “minted” it to sell for profit as an NFT…I cannot wait for the lawsuits."

TheGamer has reached out to OpenSea for comment. Our report will be updated with any responses.

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