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When you're planning to go on a huge epic quest, it's good to have a solid base on which you can depend and resupply if need be. In the case of Cookie Run: Kingdom, you get a whole kingdom to support your adventurous party of cookies.

Running the kingdom is both the idle and management aspects of the game where the goal is to produce and expand, so you can better items for your heroes. In order to do this, you'll need to build and maintain a number of different buildings which all serve vital functions both in growing your kingdom and your cookies.

Building Your Kingdom

After going through the intro, you'll end up in the shell of a former kingdom that will be yours to restore. You'll have two types of folks to help you out: Cookies and Sugar Gnomes. The Gnomes are responsible for building, upgrading, and restoring structures while Cookies have the duty of running them.

The only drawback is that you can only instruct as many Gnomes and Cookies as you have, so plan tasks wisely. Based on the types of buildings, you'll be able to come up with a schedule that works best for you.

Resource Buildings

Resources are the backbone of your kingdom and these buildings are needed to get them. Once constructed, you can have a cookie work there to start extracting resources. Based on the value and rarities of each resource, the time it takes to harvest can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours. Since resources are vital to almost every aspect of the game, it's important to have as many buildings producing at all times you're able.

  • Notable Buildings: Lumberjack's Lodge, Sugar Quarry, Jellybean Farm.

Product Buildings

While resources are needed to expand and make trades, they're most commonly used in producing goods. By constructing these buildings, you're able to create a method in which your harvested resources can be turned into tools and products that can be used to clear out space, grant wishes, and export for various rewards. You should note that the more complex the product, the more resources it will require and the longer it will take to make.

  • Notable Buildings: Smithy, Jammery, Bakery.

Landmarks And Decor

There's more to a kingdom than simply making it productive, it's also about making it beautiful. In addition to the buildings that the cookies operate, there are many themes you can capture in your kingdom by installing decorative structures, known as Decor, throughout your kingdom. These pieces are purely aesthetic, and you'll receive tasks to install some now and then to receive rewards.

However, even more important in the Decor menu are buildings known as landmarks. Several of the themes offer large, distinct structures which can be built quickly using limited resources and large amounts of either Coins or Crystals. Once built, these buildings can provide passive bonuses to production and travel time as well as boosts to the stats of your cookies. They can be upgraded to improve their effects, but this is dependent on your resources as well as the current level of your castle.

  • Notable Buildings: Eerie Haunted House, Everwinter Snowglobe, Dreaming Jelly Lion Statue.

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