Core Game Platform Announces 50% Creator Revenue Share Program

Manticore Games, developer of the Core digital community playground, recently published an article that defined the studios’ mission with Core and its outline for the future of gaming. Manticore intends to accomplish its mission and vision by sharing 50% of the revenue they make through the Core platform with creators.

The article, The UGC Multiverse is the Future of the Creator Economy, explains Manticore’s stance on user-generated content (UGC), and how it opens up a “Multiverse of creativity, self-expression, and economic opportunities for all.” Manticore feels that all creators should be properly rewarded and paid for their creativity, and that “to democratize and open gaming to a whole new wave of creators, from all horizons” is the prime reason for the creation of the Core platform. In order to do their part in making this future a reality, the studio has launched Perks, the 50% monetization and revenue share system for users of its Core platform.

According to the announcement, “Perks are in-game purchases built specifically for Core” allowing creators using the Core platform to sell in-game benefits to players of their games. Players will be able to buy Perks with Core Credit, and creators can then convert their received Core Credits into real-world currency. Along with the 50% revenue share, “Core creators will also be able to maximize their earnings by integrating whatever economic system they desire in their games.” They are also free to make their Core-created games free-to-play, require a premium or membership fee, charge for expansion packs, or implement other monetization methods. Manticore Games’ role is to make it simple for Core creators to choose their preferred method to ensure they have “full control over the economics of your games.”

The article carries a tone and passion that conveys Manticore’s commitment and belief in the Perks program, explaining in no unclear terms their reasoning behind it. The studio even goes so far as to state this is “nothing less than the fundamental democratization of game creation — the most leading-edge economic system the games industry has seen.” And even though the Core platform is still in Open Alpha, it has drawn in an astounding amount of positive support and activity, one example being the Core D&D Design-A-Dungeon Contest held earlier this year.

The article goes on to explain the inherent weaknesses in other UGC platforms such as Roblox, Twitch, and YouTube, and how Core’s Perks program addresses and improves upon them. Manticore also states that Core will be phasing into Early Access sometime in the next few months, and that now “is the best time for creators to join Core and be among the pioneers who establish a beachhead in our new economy.”

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