Cozy Grove: How To Get A Machete

Jeremy Gruffle has a new tool for you. Here’s how you can help him so he’ll get you a machete.

In the world of Cozy Grove, there are several natural resources you can interact with and harvest. However, you are going to need adequate tools so you can harvest everything you can around you.

The first couple of times you help Jeremy Gruffle, he will reward you with a shovel and a pickaxe. After you’ve completed those two tasks, he will give you a machete.

You will receive a task a day since the game runs on real-time. However, if you don’t mind time-traveling you can do so on all formats. This way you can play as much as you want without having to worry about running out of tasks.

How To Help Jeremy Gruffle

Jeremy Gruffle will need two key ingredients to make a machete for you. He needs one iron ingot and five pieces of hardwood.

How To Get Hardwood

Since you already have a shovel by now, there are two different ways to get hardwood.

You can either get hardwood by searching through leaf piles since any type of wood can appear after digging them up.

And, you can also get hardwood through crafting. If you speak to Jeremy Gruffle he will let you use his crafting bench, which allows you to craft freely. You can turn ten pieces of hardwood into one piece of hardwood. If you don’t have any softwood, you’ll be happy to know that you turn ten regular branches into a piece of softwood.

How To Get Iron Ingots

You can only get iron ingots once you’ve helped Jeremy for the second time, he will then give you a pickaxe.

Iron ingots are created by burning iron ore. You can get iron ore by interacting with harvestable rocks. Rocks that you can harvest will orange ore attached to them.

If the rock drops iron ore after you’ve harvested then you can transform it into iron ingots. You need to burn it, and to do so all you have to do is interact with Flamey and select the ‘I want to burn something option.’ Then, select the iron ore in your inventory and Flamey will turn it into iron ingots.

Return To Jeremy Gruffle

Once you’ve obtained all the necessary items for the quest, return to Jeremy Gruffle and he will hand you a machete for you to keep. So, feel free to wack away at any spikey vines you come across. They actually drop a nice surprise if you do. The vines will disappear and mixed greens and coins will drop.

Be sure to keep exploring the many options that the game gives you. Try experimenting and see what you can craft using what you have in your inventory.

Also, try to burn other things with Flamey’s help, as there is more to this feature than meets the eye. For example, if you’ve caught cheap fish you should consider turning it into charred fishbones instead as it might end up being more valuable.

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