Crash Bandicoot new game reveal this week suggests latest rumours

The chances of a new Crash Bandicoot game being unveiled this week just increased further, but will it be via State of Play or The Game Awards?

Everything is pointing towards the reveal of a new Crash Bandicoot game this week, after Activision was caught sending promotional items to influencers – just like they did before the unveiling of Crash Team Racing last year.

A new Crash Bandicoot game – as opposed to another remake – has been hinted at for a long time and according to recent rumours is called Crash Bandicoot Worlds, but it’s never been clear exactly when it’s going to be released or announced.

But a Twitter fan has noted that several prominent influencers have suddenly posted pictures of themselves with Crash merchandise sent to them, for no obvious reason, by Activision.

The only difference this year is that this week has both Sony’s livestream State of Play event tomorrow and the Game Awards 2019 on Friday, and either could be the venue for an announcement.

There has been other evidence that a new game is coming, with Sony ads featuring an updated look for Crash Bandicoot and one of their videos featuring what seems to be a new mask character.

What exactly the new game is remains a mystery but it’s likely to be by the teams responsible for the Skylanders titles which, if you stripped away the toys to life gimmicks, were actually pretty good games.

Given the huge success of the remakes Activision is likely going to want a new Crash (or Spyro) game every year now, so once it’s announced it probably won’t be that long until the new game is out.

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