Creepy puzzle adventure Gylt announced as Google Stadia exclusive

A new single-player puzzle adventure game called Gylt will be coming to Google Stadia at launch this November. Developed by Tequila Works, the makers of the game RiMe, Gylt will be released as a Google Stadia exclusive. Gylt comes to us as one of 30 or more titles announced for the platform during toady’s Google Stadia conference.

Play as Sally, a young school girl, as you search for her lost cousin in a monster-ridden town. The game features a cartoony style set against a dark world.

The teaser trailer showed us gameplay of the poor girl sneaking past hunched phantom creatures in a destroyed school. It sure was creepy, because one room was even filled with drawings of eyes captioned, “we see you.”

The magical and dark tone coupled with the young girl as a protagonist is giving us major major Pan’s Labyrinth vibes.

Gylt will be released along with Google Stadia Nov. 2019.

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