Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion Is “Greater Than A Mere HD Remaster”

The official Japanese website for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion says that it is "greater than a mere HD remaster" and gives a bit more detail on what the remaster entails.

During the 25th Final Fantasy 7 anniversary stream, one of the big surprises from Square Enix was a Crisis Core remaster called Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion. Although it's a remaster, many thought that it might actually be a remake thanks to how improved the graphics are. As it turns out, the Japanese website for Reunion seems to think it's much more than a remaster too.

Following the announcement of Crisis Core – Reunion, a website for the game was posted online by Square Enix Japan, which reveals a little more about the game through a description page. Unfortunately, even a few days after the presentation, the website still doesn't have an English version. Thankfully, Twitter user aitaikimochi has translated the "about" section of the website to reveal what it says and making it clearer what Reunion actually is.

According to aitaikimochi's translations, this is what the page says, "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 is a heartfelt story that was released in 2007 and since then has become a highly acclaimed part of the series. The story itself is connected with Final Fantasy 7, and now through time, is revived with utmost quality."

The description also confirms that the game replaces the original models with new ones, but seems to keep the same animations, "By incorporating the latest HD graphics, all characters in the game will get a completely new 3D model. Amidst a story full of turmoil, the game will also be fully voiced and contain newly arranged songs, which have been vividly reimagined. The gameplay will be optimised to be as seamless as possible and incorporate various battle systems."

After a little plot synopsis, the page then gives a pretty savage description of Crisis Core Reunion, saying that it has "evolved to become something greater than a mere HD remaster". Obviously, this is more in reference to how the game looks completely different to how it originally looked on the PSP, but it's funny to imagine Square dropping the mic as it says this.

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