Critically-Acclaimed Rhythm Game Tadpole Treble Encore Launches On Switch With Exclusive Content

Originally released for PC and Wii U in 2016, Tadpole Treble Encore hits Nintendo Switch today, bringing its unique rhythm gaming experience to Nintendo’s most recent portable device.

In Tadpole Treble Encore, you’ll embark on a musical adventure that uses sheet music as the foundation for its gameplay. You’ll “play along” with the game’s original soundtrack, dodging the notes of each level’s song, which take the form of enemies and other obstacles. You’ll also need to hit the percussive notes to the beat of the music to collect as many points as you can. Gaining more points will also fill your Treble Charge, which is a special ability you can use to blast your way through the level without worrying about anything that might be standing in your way.

This new Encore edition of Tadpole Treble brings new content exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, including new unlockables, Handheld Mode support, and a brand-new stage. The game features over 30 original tracks amongst 14 levels with five boss encounters. In addition to the game’s story mode, Tadpole Treble Encore also comes with bonus content including unlockable music and in-game commentaries for every level, as well as a Composition Mode that allows players to create their own custom levels and original musical tracks.

Michael Taranto, co-creator of Tadpole Treble Encore, expressed excitement in the release of Tadpole Treble Encore on the Nintendo Switch:

“As two lifelong gamers and Nintendo fans, we couldn’t be happier to be launching Tadpole Treble: Encore on the Nintendo Switch today. We’d like to thank our Kickstarter supporters and players who helped spread the word of Tadpole Treble on Wii U and Steam – and helped make this exciting encore a reality.”

Tadpole Treble Encore only supports single-player gameplay, and there seems to be no indication of a multiplayer component coming to the Switch or any other version of the game. This seems like a bit of a missed opportunity, since no multiplayer means that any custom created songs and levels can’t be shared with other players.

At any rate, the game has an impressive Metascore of 85 on the Wii U, while having a rating of 90 on PC. Here’s hoping the Switch version of the game hits all the same notes as the critically-acclaimed original.

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