Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Say The Jackie Montage Wasn’t Made Up Of Cut Content

CD Projekt Red reveals it never planned to expand Cyberpunk 2077's missions with Jackie Welles in Night City as "there's no real tension in it." The team sped up this section to quickly get into the action.

Despite Jackie showing up in almost every Cyberpunk 2077 trailer before launch, there's not really much of him in the game. There's even a six-month part you can't actually play, as it's a brief video montage of V and Jackie doing stuff. This led to some fans believing that CDPR originally intended to have those missions playable before cutting them from the game.

During a new interview for Story Mode (via Forbes), senior cinematic designer Paweł Ochocki debunked the speculation. He referred to the episode as "one of the most controversial moments" of the game among fans, but the studio simply wanted to set up things for Johnny Silverhand ending up in V's head.

"We always thought about this sequence as such and we always wanted to speed the story," Paweł Ochocki says. "If we spent those six months here with Jackie, from the screenplay structure point of view […] it would be stretching it for super long and then here the actual action starts."

According to the cinematic designer, Cyberpunk 2077 becomes interesting right at the end of the heist when you get the chip with Johnny Silverhand in your head. "Expanding the game [before] this part doesn't work for what we want to tell you later," he says. "Doing gigs with Jackie around the city […] is just open-world formula without a particular goal for the character or conflict, and just like this guy trying to earn some money — but there's no real tension to it. Once you start dying and the cyber-terrorist from the past is in your head — that's where the tension arises."

CDPR didn't want to repeat a GTA-like formula with Cyberpunk 2077, aiming for it to be an immersive RPG about the protagonist and their internal conflict. But the marketing made many players feel connected to Jackie before the game even launched, so his absence was felt pretty strong afterwards.

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