Cyberpunk 2077: Every Streetkid Dialogue Option And Where You Can Choose It

The lifepaths of Cyberpunk 2077 may not have delivered as much color as many players would have wanted, but they make up an essential part of dialogues and choices during a variety of quests. Sometimes, certain lifepaths can make some aspects of quests and relationships easier to build, if V can relate to the NPCs better through their own experiences.

Streetkid is without a doubt the best adjusted lifepath for the main story of Cyberpunk 2077. It has a natural tone and progression to it, which gives V a real motivation to go after Arasaka with Johnny Silverhand’s engram in their head. Moreover, Streetkids get tons of unique dialogues that give them that signature tough and rowdy personality of someone who was born and bred in Night City’s ruthless streets.

During Act 1

The events of Act 1 are fairly short and since your access is limited to Watson only, chances are you won’t be going much further than the main quest here. Five unique dialogues can be chosen during this act.

  • The Pickup: Streetkids will be able to recognize which drug Dum Dum offers them in the form of an inhaler.
  • The Heist: At the Afterlife, Streetkids will mention how they’ve finally hit the major leagues, and that they were the ones to tell Jackie Welles about the venue once being a morgue.

  • The Heist: While chatting with Claire, Streetkids will be able to roughly estimate how long the Afterlife has been around.
  • The Heist: While waiting for T-Bug inside Konpeki Plaza’s hotel room, V can comment negatively at Yorinobu’s gang-related background while chatting with Jackie.

During Act 2

Act 2 is the bread and butter of the game. It’s where most of the content is found. Unique options will not only be included in main quests but also side quests and other miscellaneous events.

  • The Space in Between: Streetkids will be able to access Fingers’ clinics by bluffing with ties to the Tyger Claws, as well as ask Judy Alvarez if the Moxes are after Fingers.
  • Pyramid Song: Streetkids can not only recognize the tune Judy is humming, but relate to Judy after scanning the diner’s logo during the dive. Streetkids will also mention that Night City isn’t for eveyone.
  • Chippin’ In: Streekids will know Weyland’s last name.
  • Gun Music: Streetkids will instantly feel like there’s something strange about the deal with the Scavengers, and note to Carol that the trap is obvious.

  • A Like Supreme: Streetkids will note that the guitar Bes Isis chose for the concert is the same shown in a graffiti of Johnny Silverhand in Heywood.
  • The Beast In Me: Streetkids can warn Claire about the race by remarking the Moxes and 6th Street gangoons around.
  • Spray Paint: Streetkids can intimidate the person vandalizing Brendan.
  • Only Pain: Streetkids can persuade the police to leave the scene and let him handle the corpo, as well as interrogate the corpo.

  • Raymond Chandler Evening: Streetkids can intimidate the gang members to leave by mentioning Mama Welles.
  • Violence: Streetkids can bring up Liam’s wealth to a bouncer and try to persuade them to reveal his location.
  • Woman of La Mancha: Streetkids can bluff using the Tyger Claws against Imad to have him reveal Anna Hamill’s location.
  • Rebel! Rebel!: After this quest, Streetkids can tell Kerry why they became a mercenary in the first place.

While River Ward’s and the Peralez questlines aren’t the best in the game, there’s a few cool unique options for those born on the streets.

  • I Fought the Law: Streetkids will recall that Lucius Rhyne was attacked by someone just a few days before he died.
  • I Fought the Law: Streetkids will be able to consult detective Han.
  • Following The River: Streetkids can tell Joss they belong in Heywood, where they were born and bred.
  • Following The River: While sitting down with River and admiring the view, Streetkids can comment negatively on the influence of corpos on the city’s scenery.

The quest M’ap Tann Pèlen and subsequent I Walk the Line quest in Pacifica has quite a few Streetkid dialogue options compared to many other main quests.

  • Streetkids will find out from a beggar that the Voodoo Boys have been watching V since they arrived to Pacifica.
  • Streetkids will be able to find out from the same beggar that the Voodoo Boys only need to know V’s name to do business.
  • When accompanying Placide to the Butcher Shop, Streetkids can comment about their lack of knowledge in creole.
  • Streetkids can tell Placide everything V knows and has heard of the Voodoo Boys.
  • When NetWatch member Bryce Mosley is confronted, Streetkids can tell him they don’t associate with corporations, and that they rather side with the Voodoo Boys.

The quests with Goro Takemura and getting to the inside of the Arasaka, despite having a corpo undertone, will also carry a few unique options.

  • Playing for Time: Streetkids will know enough about Tom at Tom’s Diner to tell Takemura he’s a good person.
  • Down on the Street: Streetkids can persuade Wakako to be silent about her son’s death at the hands of Arasaka.
  • Gimme Danger: Streetkids have a chance to open up to Takemura about their childhood in Night City.
  • Search and Destroy: Streetkids can ask Hanako if she trusts their word.

The rather long quest line that follows Panam Palmer and the Aldecaldos has plenty of moments for Streekids to show off their unique personality.

  • Ghost Town: Streetkids can recognize the 6th Street gangoon Boz upon Panam making a call.
  • Riders on the Storm: Streetkids can side with both Saul or Panam. Siding with Saul will have them state they have to join the strong at times and siding with Panam will have V say she has an admiration for the nomad way of life.

During Act 3

Act 3 isn’t a very long part of the game, but the choices made here will significantly impact your ending. Moreover, your lifepath will come back to influence the way your V reacts to whatever happens to them. Most of the Streetkid choices are available when you choose to have the Aldecaldos help you get to Mikoshi.

  • We Gotta Live Together: Streekids will be happy  to receive the Aldecaldo jacket and promise the nomads they’ll celebrate when the mission is over.
  • All Along the Watchtower: Streetkids will reminisce on how they once felt they were on top of the city, but have since changed their minds about staying.

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