Cyberpunk 2077 Immersion Mod Lets You Grab A Drink In Every Night City Bar

Night City is a wondrous creation. Gleaming, neon-bright, and looking fantastic in the rain, the city nevertheless has a definite grimy and gritty side to it. While console players enjoy Cyberpunk 2077's setting, it may be on PC that the city truly realises its potential. And that's because of the many mods that have added functionality and features to Night City.

One of the latest to make the game and the place more immersive is the 'Immersive Bartenders' mod created by Deceptious. The mod adds drinking animations to the game so that when you order a drink at one of Night City's drinking holes you now actually see your character getting their drink and drinking from it. Without the mod, players will know that ordering a drink and drinking it happens quite boringly within a menu. You don't see your character drinking it, and after buying the drink and consuming it you're back into game while the bartender doesn't acknowledge the fact you've ordered something.

The mod adds animated drinks to all the bartenders you can buy drinks from in Night City. The mod works for all Night City's bartenders although Mateo (Lizzie's) works slightly differently. But the drinks themselves will all still cost the same amount of eddies and will leave the same effect once drunk.

The mod also includes a small fix so that Claire (Afterlife) will still serve you while on The Beast's first garage step (provided players have reached this particular quest). Once installed, the Immersive Bartenders mod works simply by going up to a bartender and ordering something.

Deceptious has form in the immersive mods genre for Cyberpunk 2077. The modder is also responsible for the Night City Interactions mod, which has been a very popular addition. This mod adds a number of drinking spots to the game where V can grab a drink and even be with a friend while they're at it. It also adds some locales from the Edgerunners anime. The Night City Interactions and Immersive Bartenders mods are 100 percent compatible with each other.

You can find the Immersive Bartenders mod on Nexus Mods here, while the Night City Interactions one is here. Happy drinking!

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