Cyberpunk 2077 Player Discovers An Unfinished Section Of Night City

Add it to the growing list issues – one Cyberpunk 2077 player has found a portion of Night City that’s unfinished. Walking into it sends them plummeting to the bottom of the map, before meeting an untimely demise.

The brief clips highlights exactly where in Night City they found the issue – which looks to be in Santo Domingo – before casually walking over to investigate. The unfinished section is located behind a building, with a few NPCs standing nearby like nothing is out of the ordinary. Right next to them, however, is a massive hole in the map, one with jagged edges that lead to a bottomless pit.

Our fearless player isn’t scared off by the void, however, and proceeds to confidently walk into it. They immediately regret that decision, however, as they fall completely off the map – gaining a lovely view of Night City in the process – before hitting a loading screen. The player commented on their post, saying that once the loading screen disappeared, they were simply right back at the edge of the hole.

Other people chimed in, claiming it’s a simple glitch that will fix itself after saving and reloading. That doesn’t seem to be the case here, however, as the original poster replied that they’ve tried it multiple times to no avail. They’ve even checked entirely different save files – yet the mysterious black hole remains.

Some commenters claim to have found dozens of similar locations throughout Night City. One player goes as far as to say that unlocking the double jump ability gives you easy access to numerous unfinished locations. No further details were provided but – based on this example at street level – we don’t doubt that more are scattered throughout the less accessible parts of town.

Night City is riddled with issues, and it looks like CD Projekt Red has another one it can add to the ever-growing list. Graphical hiccups, performance issues, and now unfinished portions of the map – there’s a long road of the devs, but fans are hopeful they can iron them out in 2021.

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