Cyberpunk 2077 Quest: Automatic Love Full Walkthrough

You need more information about Evelyn, and that leads you down the path to Clouds, a “doll house” nestled away in the upper floors of Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City. Evelyn used to work here and talking to the dolls that work here and staff members will surely uncover the information you need. The only problem is that you have had to leave your guns at the door, so going inside when the place is controlled by hostile security is a risky move. The goons here will happily shoot if they see you going somewhere you’re not wanted, so stealth is the best option, and if you have neglected your Cool skill tree, then this might get rough.

Luckily we’re going to outline absolutely everything you need to accomplish in this quest, and how you can get it done. The layout of Clouds might seem maze-like at first, but it’s actually pretty simple to navigate, all you have to do is follow these instructions below.

Entering The Clouds VIP Area In Cyberpunk 2077

Once you arrive at Clouds you’ll have to talk to the receptionist for an explanation of what the dolls are, and then you’ll be assigned one. Deposit your weapons in the security bin before you enter the club, and then make your way over to the room where you can find your doll. Your decisions in this conversation don’t actually matter too much but try to get as much information about Evelyn as possible.

If you discover information about Evelyn’s assault, you will be able to investigate what was her room. Her room is on the bottom floor, so you won’t need to sneak around in order to enter and investigate. Her room was Booth 11, scan intensively inside. You should find bloodstains, in addition to a port to use near the bed. Use the security feeds to view a recording of the event, and you’ll be able to use this information against Woodman, the owner of Clouds, later on.

Now it’s time to get into the VIP area. Follow down the corridor on the opposite side to the entrance, and you’ll see a security guard in front of the stairs to the VIP area upstairs. There’s a camera here too, and you should attempt to use your hacking skills to disable it ASAP. If you follow through to the room to the left of the guard you’ll find a bathroom, where you can potentially knock out another member of security to steal the key to the VIP area, then all you must do is distract the guard at the door, or wait for them to look away, and then sneak inside. There are other options – there’s an elevator past the door to the bathroom which you can access with enough Body skill, or you can sneak around through a shutter before the VIP stairs. No matter which route you use you’ll find yourself in the VIP area, and you’ll need to start using stealth more attentively.

Navigating The Clouds VIP Area In Cyberpunk 2077

We’re finally upstairs, and the first thing we should do is talk to Tom. Tom will reveal Woodman’s position to you, in addition to providing more information about Evelyn. If you took the elevator route then Tom’s room will be directly on your right as you enter the main VIP room – take care not to get spotted, and hack to shut down enemy optics if necessary.

If you took the stairs then Tom’s room will be on the opposite side of the room to where you enter, to the right side of the bar. Once you get inside ask him everything you want to know and get as much information as possible. Once we’re done here, we’re finding Woodman.

Finding Woodman In Clouds VIP Area In Cyberpunk 2077

Woodman is the main reason we came here, all of this extra evidence is just bonus material. Now that we’ve spoken with Tom it’s time to find Woodman, but once again, we should move through the VIP section carefully, especially when moving into the back rooms. Before leaving Tom’s booth and making sudden movements, make sure to check the map screen so you can see which direction watchful enemies are looking.

You’ll want to move around the bar to the right of Tom’s booth, deactivate the camera at the end of the room, and then slip through the door, all while not getting spotted by enemies. It’s easiest to deactivate the camera from a distance, and there should be only two guards walking around up here, so it’s easy to deactivate the optics of one and sneak past the other.

Once through to the backroom you’ll have a door ahead of you, and a door to your left. If you have decent Tech or Body skills, you can make your way through the door ahead of you, leading to a neat shortcut to Woodman’s office, otherwise, you’ll have to take the door on your left, and sneak past another enemy, so stay crouched.

The enemy will be sat on the couch in the room. On the left side of the room, there’s an entrance to the make-up room for dolls – you can find Evelyn’s jacket in here. There’s also a set of shutters you can open to make your way to Woodman. Otherwise, you can sneak right past the enemy on the couch in the previous room, and go straight to the door on the far side of the room.

Before you enter Woodman’s office you want to get all of the leverage we need to put pressure on him. If you went past the enemy on the couch Woodman’s office will be on your left in the hallway, whereas the Body/Tech door will lead you to the right side of the office. Before entering ensure you investigate the room just past the Body/Tech door (if you didn’t use this door walk past Woodman’s office and turn right to be on the other side of it) and you’ll find a control room. Silently take out the enemy inside and investigate all of the items on the computer for more evidence. You can also find more of Evelyn’s things here, in addition to guns.

Interrogating Woodman In Cyberpunk 2077

Finally, we’re making Woodman spill the beans, and there are several different potential outcomes to this conversation, depending on how much evidence you collected in the club – though if you’ve followed this guide thus far, you should have everything you need.

How To Make A Deal With Woodman

You can make a deal with Woodman, but you will need one of two things: either a background as a Corpo or a high Intelligence stat. If you lack either of these, then your best bet to bring about a resolution here is to threaten Woodman.

With Intelligence and evidence from the club, choose the following dialogue lines when they are available:

  • “Looks like you’ve got a netrunner problem.”
  • “Tit for tat- only if you help me.”

If you’re instead using the benefits of the Corpo path, use the following dialogue lines:

  • “You see only Tyger Claws.”
  • “Girl I’m looking for is linked to Arasaka.”

Either of these options will lead to Woodman making a deal with you, but you best keep your end of the bargain, otherwise, things can go badly.

How To Threaten Woodman

The simplest way to solve this situation is by using the information you collected from Booth 11, where Evelyn was assaulted. If you did this, all you need to do is choose the following dialogue options:

  • “I’ll tell the media everything.”
  • “Gonna take this to the news.”

If you didn’t go into Booth 11, you can still get out of this successfully, but you’ll need to select the correct dialogue options. Without having said anything to annoy Woodman, choose the following dialogue options when they’re available:

  • “Let’s not make this harder than it has to be.”
  • “One way or another, I’ll find out.”

There is an alternative way to get the same ending here, with these dialogue options:

  • “Your bosses should know how you treat customers.”
  • “You’re higher-up than I thought.”

Follow these dialogue trees, and Woodman will open up the entrance to a secret elevator. This will cleanly take you to the entrance of Clouds, where you can collect your weapons before heading to the exit. Of course, you could always kill Woodman here and now, but that’s not really what interrogations are all about.

There are other lines of dialogue that you can use to threaten Woodman, but they all involve having completed other sidequests and objectives. These are guaranteed ways to get the results you want from this encounter, but you can find even more.

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