Cyberpunk 2077: The 10 Best Skills To Get In Annihilation

There are a lot of different paths for players to build their own unique version of V in Cyberpunk 2077. They can go the melee route, the stealth route, the Netrunner route, or they can go in “all guns blazing”.

This guide is for those who like that sound of that last option, and the Annihilation Perk Tree within the Body Attribute is perfect for that, as it specializes in causing mayhem with both LMGs & Shotguns. There are a good amount of Perks in this tree, but by far, these are the ones most worth grabbing.

10 Hail of Bullets

  • Hail of Bullets: Shotguns and Light Machine Guns deal 3% more damage (10% at Max LVL 3).

Yes, the damage increase from this Perk, even at max rank, is pretty small, no doubt about it. But, the higher V’s damage gets with a particular Shotgun or LMG, the more damage this Perk will add. More damage is never a bad thing, especially in Night City. It’s early in the Perk Tree, cheap to invest in, and has noticeable changes, so of course players should grab it.

9 In Your Face

  • In Your Face: Reduces reload time of Shotguns and Light Machine Guns by 20% (40% at Max LVL 2).

Probably our favorite Perk in the tree, simply because players who use Shotguns or LMGs will be reloading quite often. This Perk is especially useful for people who can’t help but reload whenever the clip isn’t full. And, the reload animation for these two weapon types, in particular, is incredibly long. There aren’t too many ways to reduce reload time outside of this Perk, so it’s absolutely a must-grab for anyone invested in using the heavier-type guns.

8 Dead Center

  • Dead Center: Increases damage to torsos by 10% (20% at Max LVL 2).

This is not a Perk people will notice the effects of all too often, but one that no doubt helps out regardless. Dead Center is another damage buff, but it focuses on players hitting enemies square in the middle. After all, it’s a bit difficult to get headshots 100% of the time, especially with double-barrel shotguns. Additionally, “Dead Center” buffs any and all damage that’s done to the enemy’s torso, even if it’s not from an LMG or Shotgun, which means it works for other builds as well.

7 Momentum Shift

  • Momentum Shift: Defeating an enemy increases movement speedy by 10% for 10 sec (20% at Max LVL 3).

V moves a bit slower while wielding an LMG, so this Perk is a pretty big help for players using those as their mean weapon, but it can help with shotguns as well. For example, with the double-barrel shotguns, it’s pretty effective to just run up into the enemy’s face, unload for massive damage, get the buff from “Momentum Shift”, then sprint on over to the next enemy.

6 Massacre

  • Massacre: Increases crit damage with shotguns and light machine guns by 15% (45% at Max LVL 3).

Crit Chance and Crit Damage are pretty powerful stats in Cyberpunk 2077. People have already figured out ways to get their critical hit numbers into the millions, and it’s thanks to Weapon Mods, Clothing Mods, and of course Perks like “Massacre”. This Perk, when combined with  Mods like Bully, Pacifier, or Penetrator, can take out enemies in one hit, no problem.

5 Heavy Lead

  • Heavy Lead: shotguns and light machine guns knock back enemies with more force.

Knockback is pretty absurdly strong in this game, both for V and their enemies. Getting knocked down as V is a huge pain as they usually get shot up a ton while they recover. Well, that same logic applies to anyone V knocks over as well.

Heavy Lead just makes sure this scenario happens more often, and while the description doesn’t specify exactly how much it increases this chance, it feels like it happens at least twice as often.

4 Manic

  • Manic: When entering combat, your movement speed increases by 20% for 10 seconds.

“Momentum Shift” + “Manic” is a great combo because it means that V moves around very fast while carrying a very heavy gun. And, on its own, Manic is still pretty decent. 10 seconds is a long time for a firefight, and 20% is no laughable percentage increase, at least for movement speed. That said, out of all the Perks on this list, Manic is probably the one to grab last, but it still has a lot of utility.

3 Unstoppable

  • Unstoppable: Dismembering an enemy increases fire rate (cycle time) by 10% for 8 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

Unstoppable should be massively overpowered (like many things are in this game), but, with the way dismemberment works in Cyberpunk, Unstoppable feels a bit too unreliable to center a build around. In most games, dismemberment is guaranteed if a limb is shot/slashed enough times, but in Cyberpunk, it seems like bodies are either identified as dismember-able or not. Still, it happens often enough that this Perk is worthwhile, regardless.

2 Poppin’ Off

  • Poppin’ Off: Shotguns have a 25% higher chance of dismembering enemies (50% at Max LVL 2).

It feels odd that this is one of the only Perks on the tree that specify only Shotguns and not LMGs. Not all too much to say about this perk, it feels a bit similar to the Bloody Mess Perk from the Fallout games. But, there are other abilities that actually synergize with “Poppin’ Off” in Cyberpunk as opposed to Fallout’s Bloody Mess and how it functions as just a bit of disgusting visual flair.

1 Bloodbath

  • Bloodbath: Dismembering enemies reduces weapon recoil by 50% for 6 sec +1% per Perk Level.

And lastly, Bloodbath is the capstone Perk unlocked for getting the Annihilation Skill Progression maxed out to 20. Is it the best final Perk out of all the Perk Trees? Absolutely not. But, it does offer the best initial benefit of all the capstones. 50% is nothing to shrug at! Other capstones like Crazy Science in the Crafting Tree require a lot of Perk Points to really shine, but Bloodbath only needs one.

Other Perks & Why Not:

Pump It, Louder!: Reduces Recoil Of Shotguns And Light Machine Guns By 10% (20% At Max LVL 2)

Not bad, but there are mods & other perks that reduce recoil enough to warrant not getting this Perk

Bloodrush: Increases Movement Speed While Carrying A Shotgun Or Light Machine Gun By 5% (10% At Max Level 2)

Worth it for the convenience, but not really worth it from a practical standpoint.

Mongoose: Increases Evasion By 25% While Reloading

Very worthwhile in specific situations, but can easily be circumvented by just hiding behind cover while reloading.

Bulldozer: Increases Crit Chance With Shotguns And Light Machine Guns By 10%

The percentage increase is too low, is outclassed by weapon/clothing mods that aren’t too difficult to obtain.

Skeet Shooter: Deal 15% More Damage To Moving Targets

Would be more useful if the AI was a bit more reactive, currently, this is only useful against enemies who dash at V and/or use melee weapons.

Speed Demon: You Deal More Damage The Faster You’re Moving

Incredibly good with Melee builds, pretty good otherwise, but not quite as good as the rest of the Perks on the list.

Burn Baby Burn: Doubles The Duration Of Burn

An absolute must-have if the player is going for a Thermal Build in any way, otherwise it’s pointless

Hit The Deck: Increases Damage To Staggered And Knocked-Down Enemies By 10% (20% At Max LVL 2)

Obviously synergizes with Heavy Lead, but not really necessary. If an enemy is on the ground, they’re pretty much doomed regardless.

Biathlete: Weapon Spread Does Not Increase While Moving

Very niche perk, meant to be used in conjunction with Multitasker and Divide Attention from the Athletics Tree, otherwise it’s pointless to grab.

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