Cyberpunk 2077: The 9 Best Perks To Get In Cold Blood

In Cyberpunk 2077 there are a few skills that are highly versatile and Cold Blood is one of them. It works magnificently within a number of different builds, which is why it’s almost always worth picking up. However, the builds that will benefit the most from this skill are without a doubt stealthy, melee and blade builds that need to get up close and personal with the enemy.

Cold Blood essentially allows you to stack status effects every time you kill an enemy. To unlock this skill, you first need to get the actual Cold Blood perk from the tree, which activates the skill. Every time you kill an enemy, you’ll receive powerful bonuses to your health and stamina, as well as increased armor and resistances. Here are the best of the best from the Cold Blood perk tree.

9 Will To Survive

At level 5 of the Cool attribute, you’ll be able to unlock Will To Survive, which is a great perk if you’d like to increase your resistances. Every time you kill an opponent, your Cold Blood status effect will stack and along with it so will your resistances.

The first level of this perk gives you a small boost of 2.5% and the second level bumps it up to 5%. Resistances are an important feature to consider when fighting a variety of enemies, from netrunners to explosion specialists, so don’t ignore this passive perk.

8 Critical Condition

With Cold Blood basically being a heightened state where protagonist V is much stronger and more durable, you’ll want to reap the benefits of that for as long as you possibly can. That’s why Critical Condition, a perk unlocked at level 7 of the Cool attribute, it extremely handy for a number of builds.

Critical Condition has two levels. The first increases the duration by 5 seconds and the second level increases it by 10 seconds. In a close-range fight in particular these additional durations can be the difference between life and death.

7 Rapid Bloodflow

One of the more overpowered perks in this tree is without a doubt Rapid Bloodflow. Health regeneration allows you to save up your consumables for a time where you really need them, so investing in this perk is smart. You’ll need a Cool level of 9 to get your hands on it.

Rapid Bloodflow increases your health regeneration both inside and outside of combat by 50% at the first level and then by 100% per each stack of Cold Blood status. This is incredibly powerful, for both strong solo builds and stealthy builds that rely on taking down unaware enemies.

6 Frozen Precision

Firearm specialists shouldn’t ignore the Cold Blood perk tree, simply because of this perk alone which significantly boosts headshot damage. Frozen Precision is wonderful for any type of gunslinger, but sniper Vs and silenced pistol specialists relying on stealth will benefit from it the most.

To get this perk, level up your Cool to level 11. It only has one level, unfortunately, but once unlocked you’ll get an immediate 50% headshot damage increase, which is massively useful.

5 Predator

If firearms aren’t your thing, rest assured Cold Blood still has quite a bit to offer for players who are specialized in melee combat, brawl or blades. The key in those character builds is to get as many blows in while you’re in the enemy’s face and extremely vulnerable.

Predator is great for adding attack speed increases into your stacks of Cold Blood as well, and is unlocked at level 12 of Cool. It’s a fantastic addition into any blade or melee build that relies on securing kills quickly and effectively while stacking up that Cold Blood to build resistances and power. With each stack, your attack speed will increase slightly, first by 10% at level 1 of the perk and then by 30% at level 2.

4 Cold And Calculating

If you’re basing your entire build on hitting Critical Hits with guns for example, then Cold and Calculating just might be the best choice for you. With just one level of this perk to unlock, it’s easy to grab as well once your Cool is at level 14.

Every time you manage to land a Critical Hit, you have a 25% chance of activating a stack of Cold Blood. This means you don’t even have to deal a killing blow to receive a stack of Cold Blood in combat, which means you can get your resistances and boosts much sooner at the beginning of a fight.

3 Pain Is An Illusion

The most important aspect of Cold Blood is to ensure that V is tankier and more resistant, dealing immense amounts of damage. To help with that, there’s the perk Pain Is An Illusion, which becomes available at a high Cool level of 18. Still, it’s worth waiting and grinding for.

This perk has one level, which reduces any incoming damage by 5% while Cold Blood is activated. That might not sound like a lot, but as you progress through Night City, you’ll want to get any possible damage reduction you can to cope against tougher enemies.

2 Merciless

Merciless is a late-game perk in the Cold Blood tree and requires 20 levels in Cold Blood in order to be purchased. It’s another perk that best serves players who build their characters around high and easy Critical Chance and Critical Damage.

Merciless increases your Crit Chance by 10% and your Crit Damage by 25%. If your character already has high Crit statistics, these increases are massive. On top of that you get an additional permanent +1% Crit Chance and +3% Crit Damage per level of this perk, of which there are two. This is the ultimate choice for any assassin Vs.

1 Immunity

The ultimate perk for any Cold Blood specialist is undoubtedly Immunity, which can be unlocked once you reach level 20 of Cold Blood. Not to worry, though, because this one is worth waiting for due to just how incredible powered it is.

Immunity comes in a single level, and basically gives you immunity to Bleeding, Poison, Burn and Shock damage types whenever Cold Blood is active. By now, it’s safe to assume your Cold Blood is pretty high level, and you’re activating it in every single fight, so consider just how much damage this soaks in for you. It’s a must-have, no matter what build you’re going for.

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