David Goyer Returning For New Batman Show For Spotify

Warner Bros. and DC Comics are diving back into an age-old format for new Batman stories, and the writer behind Batman Begins–David S. Goyer–will executive produce. Batman Unburied is a new audio drama coming to Spotify.

Goyer created the story for the upcoming audio drama, and the show will delve into Bruce Wayne’s psychology–primarily the darker aspects of him. As for specific details, that’s being kept under wraps for now. Keith Levine–of Goyer’s Phantom Four production company–will also serve as an executive producer.

“I’ve been a fan of narrative podcasts for some time and was looking for the right story–returning to Batman seems like the perfect opportunity,” said Goyer. “We’ll be using the unique advantages of audio to dig into the more nightmarish members of the Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery.”

The upcoming radio drama podcast should premiere in 2021.

As for Batman on the big screen, The Batman has resumed production after being shut down due to positive tests for the coronavirus. The film is currently set to hit theaters on October 1, 2021, and there is also a companion show coming to HBO Max that will revolve around Gotham City, which will take place before Matt Reeves’ theatrical film.

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