Days Gone update 1.09: PS4 patch news, patch notes now LIVE for Bend Studio’s latest hit

Sony and Bend Studio have released the latest update for Days Gone. 

This new patch weighs in at a hefty 13GB and is expected to fix a plethora of issues that have existed in the game previously (and that were introduced in previous patches, too).

The headline changes listed in the official Days Gone 1.09 patch notes reveal that this patch will fix issues related to progression, game saves, freezing, game crashing, and more.

Performance and stability improvements are also coming with this update, according to Sony and the developer.

You can see the full patch notes below.

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Days Gone Update 1.09 patch notes

  • Fixed Progression Issues.
  • Added fixes for crashing issues with Days Gone 1.09.
  • Added stuttering and lag fixes.
  • Days Gone 1.09 fixed framerate drop issues.
  • Various performance and stability improvements.
  • Added fixes for glitches with Days Gone version 1.09.
  • Added minor bug fixes and changes.

We’ll update you as more information becomes available.

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