DC Universe Online Dev Could Be Working On A Triple-A Marvel MMO

Marvel has been bolstering up its video game lineup. Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and Guardians of the Galaxy have already turned out to be big-hitters, and we still have Midnight Suns and Wolverine to look forward to; although it'll be a while before we see any more of the latter. It seems that we'll soon be getting another Marvel game, this time it's an MMO by Dimensional Ink Studios which is being led by DC Universe Online's Jack Emmert.

The information came as part of the Q3 2021 financial report for Enad Global 7, the holdings company DC Universe Online is part of. The presentation is filled with corporate lingo, charts, projections, and all the other boring stuff, but it mentions an MMO based on a Marvel IP under its products slated for 2022 and beyond. This was spotted by Murphy's Multiverse, which credits the find to @mmmmmmmmiller on Twitter.

According to them, the unannounced game has been "revived" after being cancelled in 2018 and recently appearing on the NVIDIA Geforce Now database leak. There's no hint about which Marvel IP this game will incorporate, or when we'll hear any news about it. Considering that it was mentioned under the "Sustainable Long-term Value Creation" section, it's probably going to be a while.

Speaking of Marvel IPs, we recently got a look at some gameplay for Marvel's Avengers awaited Spider-Man DLC, which unfortunately looked pretty underwhelming. Spidey's arrival has been described as a hero event and will not feature any story missions. While the comparison is a bit unfair, the swinging and movement did look a bit like Insomniac's take, albeit an alpha gameplay version at best. There's a limit to how high you can swing, and given that most of the missions take place either inside buildings or in wide-open spaces, the web crawler doesn't seem to have much room to flourish.

On the plus side, we'll get to experiment with 40 new suits for Spidey, including fan-favourites like Noir, Classic, and Bugle Boy, which is basically Peter Parker in his work clothes but with a Spider-Man mask. Unfortunately many of the suits do look similar to one another.

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