D&D: Encounters In Avernus Goes AL Legal, And Is Free

The Dungeons & Dragons team has announced that they are offering some great free material for players, which comes at the perfect time since everyone is at home practicing social distancing. Players should check back often, as the team states that content will be added daily from Monday to Friday, meaning there is something new to examine often.

One of the best free resources is Encounters in Avernus, which features more 60 short encounters that are legal for standardized Adventurer’s League play. This means that new and existing players have a broad selection of tools to make their campaigns more interesting, or deadly, depending on how you look at it.

Saltmarsh Encounters provides a similar assortment of encounters spread among town, coast, and sea. There are over 150 variations to choose from, allowing for both flexibility depending on the party and replayability.

There are also several adventures to choose from that would make great first campaigns for new players. Both Shadows Over the Moonsea, Dues for the Dead, and Lost Mine of Phandelver feature premade adventures for a party of level one characters.

Finally, there is also content for families with younger children who may not yet be ready to role play, but who do love to color. Several coloring and activity books are also available, and there is sure to be more coming next week as well.

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