Dead By Daylight’s Second Resident Evil Crossover Surprises Fans With Carlos, Sheva, And Hunk

Dead by Daylight's second Resident Evil crossover is here – dubbed Project W, this new pack brings Ada Wong, Albert Wesker, and Rebecca Chambers into the fold, along with cosmetics for Hunk, Sheva Alomar, and Carlos Oliveira.

Wesker is the newest killer, a combat knife-wielding mastermind infected with Uroboros, lending to his Virulent Bound power that spreads the infection to Survivors. He's rated 'Moderate' difficulty, so you'll likely need some experience with Dead by Daylight to comfortably play him.

If you don't know them, Sheva and Carlos are playable characters for Resident Evil 5 and 3 respectively, starring alongside Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. They aren't their own characters in Dead by Daylight, but instead skins for Leon and Jill, while The Legion has a new skin that turns them into Hunk. Feng Min has also been given a Jill cosplay, while Felix Richter has their own STARS Uniform getup.

Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine similarly got outfits last year that turned them into Chris and Claire Redfield, the sibling-duo that took on The Mansion and Raccoon City as Umbrella's experiments bubbled to the surface. Chris recently resurfaced once again in Resident Evil Village as a main character, while Claire's last in-game appearance was back in the Resident Evil 2 remake, though fans are clambering to see her again in a Code Veronica remake.

In the tweet embedded above, you can see the new cosmetics on display, including Leon Kennedy's new Detective Noir skin and Ada Wong's Undercover Espionage outfit. You can get the Project W chapter right now for £9.99 or, in an ongoing Steam sale, you can pick up both Resident Evil collaborations at a 45 percent discount for £19.08. Otherwise, it's £34.97, giving you not only Wesker as a killer but also Nemesis, the iconic STARS-hunting tyrant.

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