Dead Cyberpunk 2077 NPC Comes Back To Life For One Last Drink

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night desperate for a drink of water, then you know exactly how this Cyberpunk NPC feels. Sort of.

There comes a time in a broken video game’s life when its misgivings are so bad that they actually become what makes the game fun. Three weeks after the release of Cyberpunk 2077, it very much feels as if we may be approaching that point. It might not be what CD Projekt envisioned for its massive undertaking, but here we are.

Before the holidays, one player was unable to get into their car to begin a race. At the last second, they hopped aboard a rival’s roof and the bugs and glitches that ensued had the player and those of us who have seen the clip in stitches. Cyberpunk players basically have three choices at this point. Get a refund, wait for the game to be fixed, or dive in and laugh at the game’s problems along with the rest of us.

We understand that in some cases, that’s not possible. Some parts of the game on certain platforms are so riddled with bugs that it makes Cyberpunk almost unplayable. However, if you can’t laugh at the clip below, then chances are Cyberpunk isn’t for you. Xcito is looking over an area littered with bodies only for one of them to leap back to life.

It’s a brief reanimation, during which the NPC uses their additional final moments to have one last sip of whatever they have in their cup. Once they’re done, the NPC returns to the ground, dying all over again. I actually admire the cool head of the player in this situation. Had that happened to me, I would have opened fire before the cup touched their lips.

Fellow Cyberpunk players have tried to explain away why this might have happened, positing that it might not be a bug at all. The residents of Night City are aided by cyberware and cybernetic implants. It hasn’t yet been explained how this futuristic and fictional technology works. Perhaps it carries on functioning after a person has died, even if it’s only long enough for one last drink.

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