Dead Island 2 Will Feature Procedurally Generated Dismemberment

The wait for Dead Island 2 has been a long one. However, the more that's revealed about the sequel, the more there is for those who have waited all that time to be excited about. Add procedurally generated dismemberment to that list as Dambuster Studios has tried to do something with a zombie game that has never been done before.

There are a lot of games that task players with killing zombies. Particularly right now as The Calisto Protocol and Dead Space remake have allowed players to kill the undead in space. Dead Island 2 will take place right here on Earth, but one way it will set itself apart from any other zombie-killing game to come before it is something its devs have labeled the FLESH system.

Speaking with Game Informer (thanks, Push Square), the FLESH system is just as gross as its name suggests. Even in some of the best zombie games you've ever played, hitting one of your dead enemies will result in the same effect being had over and over again. It leaves a gash across their torso, cuts off an arm, or if it's a well-placed blow, it'll smash their undead head to bits.

It won't be that cut and dry in Dead Island 2. Its procedurally generated dismemberment means every blow to a zombie will lead to a different result. Hurl a meat cleaver at an oncoming walker and you'll remove some of its skin, but continue hacking away at that same spot and you'll quickly see that zombie's muscle, then its bones, and even its tattered insides. Pretty gross, but probably as close to the real thing as you could expect if zombies existed and you were ever faced with stopping one.

Your weapon of choice will also affect what sort of damage you do to enemies. The FLESH system's reveal might actually make previous news that Dead Island 2 will feature breakable weapons easier to swallow. Knowing a different weapon will drastically change how you damage the game's zombies will hopefully make players more inclined to try out different things, and less annoyed that their weapons break after a lot of use, especially if you hack away as the devs do in the video above.

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