Dead Space – 10 Relatable Things Every Player Does

The remake of the now classic sci-fi horror game Dead Space marks a revamping of one of the more poignant examples of horror gaming in recent history. Whether it was the jump-scares, the environmental storytelling, or the zombie-like necromorphs, there are a lot of reasons to revisit Isaac Clark and the Ishimura.

No matter what reason you have to come back to the series, or even experience it for the first time, there are some universal things in the game that all players will do at some point.

10 Get Caught Up By The Graphics

This time around, Dead Space has been rendered in glorious definition with the graphics of the modern generation of consoles. To the ire of some players, you can now experience necromorphs jumping out at you in amazing clarity.

From the blood-drenched hallways to the vast expanses of space around the Ishimura, there are a lot of places where you'll find yourself in awe of the grim beauty of the game. Just make sure not to stay in one place for too long.

9 Try Out New Armor

As with the previous installments of the game, there are plenty of different types of armor to outfit Isaac in. Upgrading your armor is a must to survive the later missions in the game. From the go-to engineer suit that is good for industrial accidents, all the way to the high-level suits that will protect you from the sharpest of xenomorph claws, there's plenty to choose from.

There are even a few downloadable cosmetic armor options that are good to give your playthrough a little razzle-dazzle. These include the classic Fortnite skin, a ritualistic-looking suit with dead body parts attached to you, and even a suit that resembles Isaac if he had gone under the necromorphing process.

8 Panic

Like with any horror survival game, there will be times you find yourself completely overwhelmed. Whether you're trapped by a host of undead monstrosities, are running low on ammo, or a particularly creepy jump-scare caught you off guard, there are plenty of moments to panic about in Dead Space.

No matter what has you panicking, know you are far from the only one to do so, especially this go around with the updated graphics and lighting. It is a horror game after all.

7 Die

Dead Space may not be a soulsborne game, but that doesn't mean it can't be brutal. There are lots of ways to die in the game, each gruesome and frustrating in their own way.

As the levels get harder you will find yourself dying more and more. Whether it be a malfunctioning hydraulic door or a particularly nasty xenomorph, no player is a stranger to starting from their last save. Just remember to breathe, and pick your shots to avoid doing it too much.

6 Get Grossed Out

With a game that has graphics of such good quality, and that is a horror game focused on the body-horror sub-genre, there are definitely times you'll be grossed out.

There are plenty of scenes that show the necromorphing process in all its gory detail. Enough detail to make some gamers a little queasy, really – it's okay to admit it. Watching a normal person slowly warped and twisted into a horrific space zombie, and all the sights and sounds that accompany it… well it's not for the faint of heart, to be sure.

5 Debate Exploring The Ishimura

The USG Ishimura is a space vessel unlike any other. A planet-cracker, and the first to be outfitted with the advanced shockpoint drive, it is a ship that's home to thousands. Well, now it's home to thousands of zombies.

The game itself, and the Ishimura as the setting, are both expansive. There are plenty of different settings even within the large mining ship. There are times when you want to take a look at more of the ship, only to begin debating if the horrors you may see down that hallway are really worth it. The answer to that question is up to you.

4 Obsess Over Modding Their Weapons

Whether it's the engineering tool-turned-weapon plasma cutter, or the security pulse rifle, your arsenal and how you use it is just as unique as you are.

Not only do you have the option of using a variety of different weapons, but you can also use workbenches to upgrade those weapons in meaningful ways. Finding them across the Ishimura may be a hassle but everyone you get has the potential of making you an even deadlier fighter and your encounters with the necromorphs that much easier.

3 Check Out The Death Animations

Dying isn't fun in any game, and Dead Space is no exception to that. What is fun though is seeing all the different death animations in the remake. No two death scenes are alike, and the creators added quite a bit of detail in how Isaac is ripped apart. To the dismay of some.

Stabbed, ripped apart, infected, and everything in-between, there's an animation for it all. If you're going to die, might as well have some fun with it and enjoy the horror of it all. There's plenty to go around.

2 Learn From The Environmental Storytelling

Whether it's the last-minute help from the dying, scribbled on the walls, or the ravings of those who have lost their sanity… also scribbled on the walls, there's plenty to learn from the environment.

While not every example is a part of the environmental storytelling that Dead Space is known for, it can be a great way to get across some of the game's lore in a dialogue-light game like this. The Ishimura itself, and the universe it is set in, are more than meets the eye. Just pay attention, a few of the things you learn will be helpful.

1 Compare It To The Original

Like with any remake, there are pros and cons to the changes made this time around. Graphics, storyline, combat, dialogue, and so many more things have been tweaked for this version of the horror classic.

Whether you love them or hate them, fans of the previous games will find themselves making notes of all the changes this go round. Either way, it's a fun time noticing all the little alterations that the developers have put in to make Dead Space a big name in gaming again.

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