Dead Space: Chapter Three Walkthrough

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You've survived arrival at the USG Ishimura. You've gained a few hints as to what's happening, endured a nicely terrifying 'quarantine phase', experienced the wide-eyed wonders of zero-g, and seen what happens when the dead captain of an ill-fated vessel sprouts claws and gets angry. All this and more – and you're just two chapters into Dead Space.

Our coverage continues with 'Course Correction', the third chapter of this most excellent 2023 remake. In this next leg of Isaac Clarke's perilous journey, we're refueling the Ishimura's engines. New Necromorphs will come say hi, but we'll let our fresh new flamethrower handle the introductions.

Malfunction Junction

Seconds into Chapter Three, something goes haywire, leaving Isaac in another zero-g situation. It's a fine way to welcome the next stage of the game, but fret not; we can actually take our time floating around as we like, snagging loot and logs along the way. Pass the vacuum, grabbing Voelker's Rig (!) along the way, and you'll end up in a limited-oxygen section again. Continue descending wherever possible, taking the path that eventually deposits Isaac in Engineering Deck. (You'll see some signs for the place ahead of time.)

Take the elevator down. Beware some cleverly-hidden foes at your destination. Head straight ahead and interact with the console.

Consider this area your temporary home. We'll be doubling back here a few times as we complete the multiple objectives the console assigns Isaac for the continuation of ship repairs. There's a save station – remember to use it regularly! There's also a store, thank heavens. Purchase the Plasma Cutter's Heat Accumulator upgrade.

Engine Refueling Job

As the console has established, Isaac's got three new objectives, though two are largely the same – we need to refuel the north and south engines, and restart the centrifuge. One of the exits from this hub area is marked Preparation Room – head through there, then on to Machine Room thereafter. So far, so good.

Grab the Ripper, a brand-new gun, over by the bathrooms in the Machine Room. This thing's wicked-good at close range, so give it a whirl. Now continue to Refueling Control Station. Pull the somewhat distant gondola cart toward Isaac with Kinesis. Hop aboard, snagging the Fuel Station Card (and saving!) on the other side.

Take your card straight to Fuel Management, where you'll find a circuit breaker that'll power the south station – perfect. Return to the spot near the save station, descending the stairs to the South Refuel Station. Once again, Kinesis is your best friend; simply pull down the latch and the south engine will be refueled.

Hop back aboard your trusty gondola steed. Ascend the right-side ramp. Use Kinesis on the upcoming latch as you did with the first one.

Centrifuge Job

Now head to the Control Room, which your indicator should point out is accessible via the left lamp. You'll need to break the door's lock to get inside. Note the number of enemies on the other side. Good practice for that Ripper of yours, if we do say so ourselves. The journey to the centrifuge will take a few moments, but this is hardly the twistiest portion of the ship. As always, remember you can update your brain on your objective's whereabouts with the indicator at any given time.

Along the way to the centrifuge, Isaac has to deal with a decontamination procedure similar to Chapter Two's. You'll be up against Lurkers, Slashers, and a single Leaper.

Don't miss the Medium Med Pack schematic in a locker just past the doors that'll unlock following the conclusion of the decontamination sequence.

Just past the next save station, you'll find the centrifuge. We'll be putting both Isaac's nifty skills to the test here: Stasis and Kinesis. Stasis holds the centrifuge's spinners in place whilst Kinesis grabs the two modules and moves them into the open sockets within the centrifuge's perimeter. (Refer to our pic below.)

With both modules at their destination, float up and use the nearby console to reactivate the centrifuge.

Igniting The Engines

Chapter Three's final phase now commences. With everything in place, it's time to ignite those engines, Isaac. After a nasty little Necromorph scuffle – shoot the flashy reddish bits on that tentacle – take the nearby elevator back to the Control Room, taking the right-hand door beside the save station. (Irritating reminder to always save your game!)

See those huge fans? Use Stasis on the left-side fan. Get Isaac through the blades while he has the chance to locate a circuit breaker. Reroute power to Airlock Two. Return from whence you came, heading through the doorway. Blast the filth blocking the way, and be sure to get the Flamethrower afterward. Follow your indicator for a while, taking elevators until you're farther down.

Locate Power Substation Three, climbing to find the Power Cell. A surprisingly easy find. As has been the case with other Power Cells, use Kinesis to guide its trajectory and get things running. Congratulations, Isaac – engine reignition is complete. Of course, it's never quite that easy. Beware a high number of Necromorphs who now emerge.

By our count, this chapter's climactic encounter has a half dozen Slashers, at least one Leaper, and a charming Spitter foe as well. Follow the locator afterward to reach the tram station and trigger the formal end of the chapter. We advise purchasing the new Flamethrower upgrade from the shop!

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