Death Stranding’s December Update Will Feature Vehicle Delete Function, Odradek Scanner Changes, And Hopefully More

Roughly one month after its early November release date, Death Stranding is getting its first significant gameplay patch. The update, which is scheduled for release sometime this month, will bring quality-of-life changes to the game that are meant to address a few significant concerns often expressed by players online.

First and maybe foremost, players will be soon able to dispose of vehicles. Certain players leaving vehicles in locations that block paths or entrances to prepper shelters (which then appear in other players’ games) has become a topic of discussion as of late. It’s the first real reported instance of griefing in Death Stranding.

In many of these instances, players are finding a truck blocking off the entrance to the Cosplayer’s shelter, outright preventing deliveries to the otter-loving tailor. It’s fitting, then, that Kojima Productions’ patch preview shows a vehicle being dismantled specifically outside of the Cosplayer’s home base.

The trailer does specify in English text the ability to dispose of only “some” vehicles. It’s unlikely that you’ll suddenly have the chance to dismantle NPC vehicles, which could alter game balance. The qualifier likely means this will apply mainly to player-created vehicles.

Also coming to the game is the ability to see the Odradek scanner through cargo strapped to Sam’s back while in BT territory. Keeping track of the Odradek’s color and movement is key to traversing BT-infested regions, so not having to maneuver the camera around towers of cargo to see it will make this process significantly smoother.

Finally, not shown in the video -though listed as a third bullet point in KojiPros’ Tweet- is the ability to increase the size of UI elements. Like in plenty of PS4 games before it, some are finding the text too small to read on their preferred TV sets. Death Stranding is a text-heavy game too, so at least providing the option to enlarge in-game text should help those who need it.

Since these are the first significant changes to Death Stranding since its release (and in such quick response to the truck problem going viral), there very well be more updates to come down the line. Keep an eye out for this batch of updates sometime this month.

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