Demon’s Souls: Every Combat Mistake You’re Probably Making

Demon’s Souls is daunting for many, but with the right guidance and a little determination anyone can best this brutally challenging adventure. The game is never outright unfair, no matter how antagonizing the difficulty seems to be. Bluepoint Games’ remake of the 2009 classic retains almost every detail about the PS3 version.

Many new players may not realize just how many mistakes they are making in any given combat encounter. If you are guilty of any of the mistakes below, do not feel bad; we were all beginners in souls games ourselves once too. Once you rectify some of these common errors, the challenge will diminish significantly.

Being Too Heavy

Whether or not you want to have an equipment burden over 50% is all dependent on your play style, just do not believe having the best defense stat of an armor is the ideal way to go. With equipment burden below 50%, you can roll and dodge significantly faster, which may be more valuable than a few extra defense points. The choice is ultimately up to you, as neither way can be considered a mistake. Think long and hard about whether you want a tank or a more agile character.

Upgrading The Wrong Stats For Weapons

Dexterity and Strength are confusing stats. While the latter obviously makes you stronger, so does Dexterity depending on the weapon you are using. Certain weapons scale to Strength and others scale to Dexterity. Crushing weapons, like the Crushing Battle Axe, grow stronger as the strength stat increases. A good way to check which weapons scale with which state is to look at the way soul level increases the weapon damage. When leveling up, it will show you if weapon equipped to either hand will gain attack power or not.

Trying To Parry

Parrying can certainly be useful, but you should not rely on it the same way as you would in a game like Bloodborne. The window for parrying is tiny, and the punishment is severe if the enemy is strong enough.

In Demon’s Souls, parrying is definitely more of a pro move, so we would not recommend it for beginners. You can always practice it, but honestly you can definitely beat the game without ever using a parry. Keeping a shield up or dodging will more than suffice.

Taking On Too Many Enemies At Once

For any given combat encounter, you are best advised to only every try and take on one enemy at a time. Obviously this is sometimes impossible, but you’d be surprised how often you can get away with this in situations where it seems unlikely.

If you happen upon a large group of enemies, inch your way towards them step by step and you’ll likely only attract one of their aggressions. Let the enemy come to you and back up a bit and you will be able to take them on in peace without the rest ganging up on you.

Trying To Be A Jack Of All Trades

There are numerous builds one can try to develop throughout the adventure. There is no wrong way to develop a character but we will say this; pick a style and stick to it. If you want to be a mage, go all in and do not turn back. The same goes for melee builds. It is good to have a little magic prowess, especially for protection miracles and spells that enchant your weapon with magic, but all in all trying to have a perfect balance might leave you weak in one department when you need it most.

Bad Shield Technique

For the most part, you can just glue your finger to the L1 button and you’ll be set when it comes to your shield. Only during a select few moments will you really need to put away your shield. While pressing triangle wields your weapon with both hands, this is rarely recommended except for aggressive enemies who can go through your shield. 99% of the time having a shield in one hand and a weapon in the other will get you through any situation, and this includes mages.

Letting Endurance Run Out

Endurance is an extremely vital part of the combat equation. It determines how many times you can swing your weapon in a row, how effective your shield is, and how long you can sprint. Regardless of your build, you should always try to pay attention to Endurance when leveling up. If your stamina is running out in the middle of a battle, back away from the enemy and let your shield down to have it recover faster. Also be sure to never let an enemy break your block, which happens when it hits your shield and you run out of stamina.

Avoiding Pine Resin And White Sticky Stuff

Pine Resin adds fire damage to your weapon and White Sticky Slime enchants it with magic. While brute force helps a lot, there comes times when these two items are just the edge you need. Many bosses in particular are weak to fire, so using Pine Resin will see a significant damage increase with each attack. Pine Resin is bought from the old woman in the fifth Archstone, and White Sticky Slime is dropped by the slugs and also sold by Patches the Hyena.

Not Circling Around Enemies

Movement is just as important as attacking. If you are standing still most of the time during an encounter, you are likely attacking inefficiently. Most enemies are worth trying to circle around in order to deliver a particularly powerful strike to their back. Additionally, many of the slower enemies can be dodged without every having to roll as long as you continue circling around them.

Trying The Same Encounter Over And Over Again

This one is particularly painful with bosses. Odds are if you died twice or so at a boss, you are not quite ready to handle it or else you need to rethink your strategy. Continuously running into the same encounter with the same setup and tactic and failing probably will not magically have you win the next time. Train, level up, upgrade your weapon, think of a new method to try on it and then come back to it. For good farming locations, the reaper at 4-2 if near the Archstone and drops several thousand souls each time. If you already beat the whole Archstone, it is even more efficient to farm souls at the end of the world, using the Storm Ruler to easily slay all the Storm Beasts.

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