Demon’s Souls Remake Has All New Animations For Finishers With Different Weapons

Swinging around weapons in Demon’s Souls Remake is going to look much different from the original, thanks to a whole new set of animations. From spears and rapiers to polearms and katanas, each weapon will have a distinct new feel while cutting down foes.

The news came during GameSpot’s recent interview with Creative Director Gavin Moore. The team at Bluepoint was focused on ensuring combat looked better than it did on PS4, all while keeping the same combat system. So, while Demon’s Souls Remake might look flashier, it’s combat should be nearly identical to the original. “The cadence is all the same as the original, so the gameplay doesn’t change, the speed of the attack is the same,” said Moore.

The gameplay trailers released so far show off some of these brutal animations, including a bloody headshot on a downed enemy with a mace, new swinging motions for swords, and a few visceral finishers. You can see them shown off in the video below:

To go along with the new animations are plenty of other quality of life improvements. Most notable is the change to rolling – no longer are you restricted to four directions. Instead, you’ll be able to take advantage of omni-directional rolling, letting you dodge attacks in eight directions. It’s a stark contrast to the original, but should appeal to most players who have grown accustomed to the mechanic in recent Souls games.

It’s also been reported that the cut Sixth World won’t be making its way to the remake. “There are only five unbroken stones in the Nexus,” said Moore. “And that’s the same now, as was in the original. So there’s no new Archstone and there’s no new world.” Still, even without that content, you’ll have plenty of secrets to discover on PS5 later this year.

Demon’s Souls Remake will be available on PS5 on November 12.

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