Destiny 2 Dawning recipes: All recipes list for seasonal Christmas event

Now that The Festival of the Lost has left and Christmas is due to start, Bungie is adding The Dawning back into the shared world shooter.

If the event is anything like last year, The Dawning will reward you Powerful Engram each week, but you'll need to find yourself some ingredients in order to get the special package.

Back in 2018, The Deliciously Cheerful Blueprint quest was completed by creating Vanilla Blades, Chocolate Ship Cookies and Eliksni Birdseed recipes – whether that'll be the same this year remains to be seen.

What we do know is that a lot of the recipes we saw in 2018 will be returning to the game for 2019, so at least the information we harvested last year is still relevant now.

ZeWorst on reddit put together a list of all the recipes last year, which acts as a great checklist for what you need to know:

Here are all of the ingredients that we know about that went live in The Dawning in 2018. We may see these exact ones added again, or we may see them changed a little for 2019 – either way, we'll update you when we learn more.

It's worth nothing that Essence of Dawning can be earned from completing in-game events – whether that's Crucible matches, Public Events, Strikes or whatever else.

You can also get this currency from completing bounties that Eva Levante will be offering

Common Ingredients:

Ingredient Enemy type Eva Levante price
Vex Milk Vex 5 Essence of Dawning
Ether Cane Fallen 5 Essence of Dawning
Cabal Oil Cabal 5 Essence of Dawning
Chitin Powder Hive 5 Essence of Dawning
Taken Butter Taken 5 Essence of Dawning
Dark Ether Cane Scorn 5 Essence of Dawning

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Rare Ingredients:

Ingredient Kill required Eva Levante price
Delicious Explosion Explosive kills 10 Essence of Dawning
Sharp Flavour Sword hills 10 Essence of Dawning
Impossible Heat Solar kills 10 Essence of Dawning
Electric Flavour Arc kills 10 Essence of Dawning
Null Taste Void kills 10 Essence of Dawning
Flash of Inspiration Orbs of Light 10 Essence of Dawning
Personal Touch Melee kills 10 Essence of Dawning
Perfect Taste Precision kills 10 Essence of Dawning
Bullet Spray Automatic kills 10 Essence of Dawning

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