Destiny 2 Guide: How To Get The Legendary Submachine Gun, Cold Front

Destiny 2’s 2019 Dawning Event can get you the new Legendary Submachine Gun, Cold Front. Here’s how you can obtain it.

Welcome to the Dawning! This is the time of year when a Guardian looks back to reflect on all their past accomplishments. And to bake cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

Eva is back with her cookie oven just above the Eververse Shop in The Tower. She’ll give you a portable version that you can use to make cookies for all The Tower’s denizens and even for folks on planets far, far away. And in return, some of those folks will give you gifts in the form of Dawning Packages.

Inside those packages could be the new Legendary Submachine Gun, Cold Front.

Getting the Cold Front is simple: just bake cookies and hand ‘em out to their appropriate vendor. In return, you will randomly get a Dawning Package placed into your inventory that can be opened for either a Cold Front Submachine Gun or last year’s Legendary reward, the Avalanche Machine Gun.

You’re guaranteed to get a Dawning Package after giving Zavala his cookie as part of the Dawning quest. After that, it’s all random, so you’ll have to bake a lot of cookies to get more chances at getting a Cold Front.

As for the gun itself, Destiny 2 pros will recognize Cold Front’s stats as basically the same as the Hard Truths submachine gun that you can get from handing in Crucible Tokens to Lord Shaxx. The only difference is in the perks and parts that it can roll with, as well as having the Antiope-D’s skin with some festive colorations.

An Aggressive Frame submachine gun, the Cold Front will have decent range and stopping power but be a little unwieldy, making it tricky to keep your bullets hitting an enemy’s crit spot. A stability masterwork, stability barrel or magazine, or a stability perk like Zen Moment can go a long way to making the Cold Front a little easier to use.

I’d recommend getting one with Feeding Frenzy and the new Vorpal perk if you’re looking to use the Cold Front in PvE. Otherwise, Zen Moment and Kill Clip will serve you well in The Crucible.


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