Destiny 2 Hack Provider Directs Cheaters To Other Sites After Bungie C&D

Destiny 2 players celebrated a victory a few weeks ago. A website called PerfectAim had finally stopped selling cheat software after receiving a cease & desist letter from developer Bungie. This resulted in the Destiny 2 hack package being removed from PerfectAim’s website and for their subscribers to lose access to their precious aimbots.

Unfortunately for Guardians everywhere, PerfectAim has excellent customer service. Even as they were removing their own cheats from their website, PerfectAim was researching other Destiny 2 hacks that they could direct their former customers to.

An email posted on the Destiny 2 subreddit by user TheSpiderDungeon shows the email PerfectAim sent to their customers just a few days ago.

“To make the transition easier for you, we have done some research and found some alternative cheat providers for Destiny 2 that you can rely on,” says the email. “These providers have been tested by our customers and proven to be legitimate. However, there are differences in system requirements, features, and prices between these providers, so it is up to you to choose which one is the best for you.”

The three sites listed have subscription fees ranging from $33 to $70 per month, which sounds like an outrageous price just to win a Crucible match. Reddit user bluejaydal best explained the mentality of someone who thinks money justifies ruining the game for everyone else.

“They do not really care about you or your fun, they just want to win and get big numbers,” they said. “You are the NPC in their game.”

It looks like Bungie still has at least three more cease & desist letters to send. Hopefully, the arrival of Beyond Light next Tuesday will change the game enough that it breaks whatever cheat software these hackers are using. And if not, at least the Trials level cap has been increased to 1210.

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